Sometime in their life, every writer must have thought about this question, "Why do I write?"
It's amazing how over the years, many writers have already written so much on this simple yet not so simple topic. From George Orwell to writers not so famous have all pondered about on this statement and expressed their views. Some write out of force, or out of passion, or to keep from going mad, or to learn, to explore, or out of love for his ladylove, her counterpart, out of outbursts, or anger, or praising their sweethearts, or to impress, or maybe out of anger, of the feelings that tend to portray unhappiness, loneliness, happiness, or joy; or reasons a mixture of all those. Some write to fill their stomach, while others do it because they have some passion for it.

To me, the question "Why do I write?" is both a simple as well as a tough question. For me, writing is more of a sport, which rejuvenates and refreshens you; while at the same time its an art, where we paint our imagination, our inner selves, where we tend to let out our imaginations run and paint a beautiful picture of it. I write, perhaps because it makes me wander over the places I always wanted to visit, to the unknown, distant lands unfamiliar to me, yet so familiar; perhaps because those tiny worms in my brains instigate me to. Maybe I love writing because I love expressing my thoughts, and after that, there's this obvious reason; I write because I want myself to be heard. I write out of anger, out of pain, I write out of glee, when I am glad; I write to uncover, to discover, to let out all that's inside my mind, which I had been holding up for so long, fearing I couldn't find proper words to express them verbally, fearing what others might think about me' yet I am free to write, because that's like I am secretly murmuring out all in the paper's ear. I write to remember what I tend to forget, I write to forget what I tend to remember, I write out of hatred, I write out of love, I write just what strikes my mind. I write in the vicinity with just two companions, the pencil and the paper, I write because they are my voice.
I write because I have a lot going in my mind every time, and I love to keep a record of those; while at other times, words just come out with ease.

"I write to fight,
for women's right
I write for fun
about why hot is the sun,
I write to admire
the nature, the fire,
I write to raise my voice
against injustice,
inspite of all noise,
I write to express
my feelings afresh,
I write 'coz I am driven to write
no matter the time, day or night."

Perhaps, if I start giving all the reasons about "Why do I write?" readers are most likely to get frustrated and give a ring to the asylum, but before that, let me tell you this; it is easy to understand me if you write, but too tough if you don't.

This question kind of keeps on coming to my mind, time and again, but I write, and never stop doing so no matter what. Even when I am in short of time, I write. No matter whether anything comes to my mind or not.
Perhaps, there might not be any obvious reason to it. I do write, and that might be because I love to write.

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