when i saw the post regarding WB blogging competition and read the topics.. these words came out spontaneously in my mind which i am sharing hereby..

Writing is not my passion as such,
that's why i don't write too much.

but whenever i write,
i feel it's my right.
i write to solve,
i write to evolve,
i write to express,
i write to destress,
i write to make a story,
i write for my own glory,
i write on my fall,
i write on my rise,
i write and i feel,
it makes me more wise.
and whenever i write
i feel it's my right.
and if you don't write
it's my small advice,
just set your mind free
and write what pops up,
i bet you'll feel great
it doesn't take too much.. :)

Tags: Writing, Reason, Poem, WBC

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