Why do I write? What a question?
Of course because I love it. I'd go nuts without it.

Now, I'm not saying I write letters. Gushing love letters..boring business emails...but just write for fun. Pure, unadulterated fun.

Why did I write?

I never wrote after my classmates made fun of my classic essay my English Ma'am read out in class one day. How mean of them!

My writing got confined to only that done on numerous inland letters to my dear sister in another city.

Or the time I sent minutely detailed worded essays of my older son's baby steps..his milestones to my eagerly waiting family back home.

Years went by in a flurry of diaper changes, feeding, tutoring kiddos...little time for anything else.

They grew up. So did I. Albeit older. Grey hair here and there. One day I began to write on my own very blogsite. Colony memories. Childhood. Cherished memories.
But soon got tired. How much could one write about one's childhood?

I gave up. One day I chanced upon a mention of this site called Writerbabu.com in my newspaper. It was in late October 2012.
I logged in, curious. Surprisingly it was easy. I started writing.

I promised to write my experiences. Straight from my heart. Shared my first story on the Mumbai floods.
Folk read it and polled me. Wow. How nice!

Where else could I get hats off, speechless..nice after each writeup? Encouraged I kept writing though intermittently.
Slowly picked up speed. My initial few writings were posted straight from my personal blog site...then I began writing new ones. Freshly baked each new day.

I looked forward to my time at the PC ...heart thumping as I logged in..wondering if any read my post at all.
Five red notifications! Five had read and awarded me my due. My heart leaped. This is great!
The folk on Writer babu seemed young. I looked old.
Yet they encouraged me..prodded me on.

Even short, writes were well received. No one condemned anyone. Caste, religion, age, sex, no bar.
I searched for the top guy on Writer babu. (I loved the name.. Babu.) A young..brainy ...talented guy who seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Answering this query and that...adjusting this technical glitch and that. Wow!

Well, I couldn't stop now. Some days I wrote two or three posts. And the thoughts kept flowing.

They still do. I just start writing and words flow. Writing is extremely threaupetic. An instant painkiller. It calms me like no pill does. An effective Crocin for headaches....as well as severe heartache too.

Writing transports me to another world. An ethereal one. A make believe one. I feel like a kid again ....dancing and singing in the pouring rain. Staring open mouthed at the beauteous nature around me.

It brings out my love for the supernatural. As I write about His wonders..His mercy...His grace.

Or the comic, side splittingly funny aspects of life....till the morning newspaper jolts me back to reality.

That's the beautiful thing. I made friends with many. Aspiring engineers, well established techies, brilliant doctors, hardworking students.
And read agonizing heartfelt stories of breakups..felt teen angst ..their pain that few understand. I pored through excellent articles straight from the heart. Less from the head.
Highly impressed...I continued writing again.

Storms began brewing around me. News not so wonderful.
Yet amidst these His presence and the outlet writing provided me got me through...till date.
I'm so hooked I can't get through one day without writing.

Coming back to the original question..why I write?
Well, it's certainly His gifting. Not for my glory or fame. Or for lucrative financial dealings. But His purpose must be done.

Writer babu is an excellent place for budding aspiring writers. Like me. Who need an outlet for pent up emotions. It gives you instant feedback and sincere comments...without harsh judgment.

It's fun. Writing anything under the sun.

That's the reason I continue writing.....

Please do me a favor. Share this babu with everyone you meet on the road, by the wayside, at the cafe, the mall and of course Fb and twitter.


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