I dream, I write;
Of both black & white!
Write when I'm tensed, depressed;
Want to be shared & expressed!
Write in vain, to erase my pain;
Under the sun & in rain!
Write when I'm glad & joyful;
It makes me, a more cheerful!
Write about dreams & fantasies;
To escape from realities!
When my thoughts are locked, I unlock;
With paper & pen, its a one-way talk!!

Yes. Writing has always been my passion. I write about anything & everything! Some poets, write for their love, sweethearts, some write hymns in praise of the creator, some write for fun!
But when you ask me "Why I do write?"

The answer to it is none of the above!

Yes. I write to express my hidden desires, dreams & wishes. I write, because I want to unlock a number of thoughts lingering in my mind, share it, reveal it! I write because through my writings, one can discover the real 'me'. More of all, I want to explore, discover myself even more. I write about the fantasies, the life, I am dreaming to live. It helps me, to look future with positive attitude! Writing always cleans the inner mirror of the mind! It helps to bring the imagination into existence because it is a means of putting it down on paper!

I write to express my pain, my grief! I pen down, the scars of this lamented soul. I always believed that writing enhances emotions, makes you stronger & bold. It makes me, more sensitive to human intuitions & thus make me a better human!I write for the inner-contentment.
I write poems to touch someone’s heart, heal someone’s soul.

In life, sometimes people change, times change, but memories doesn’t!
I write to picturise my happiest, unhappiest, funniest & most unforgetable moments in my words. Sometimes words are not just words, they are mightiest. Today, when I look back at my old poems, one unique thing I realize is: They make me smile when I’m sad. Sometimes bring tears when I’m in smile. An awesome feeling! The true power of a pen! I want to paint my life, with words, strongly believe words brings colours to my life.

Finally, I write because I love to write! I can never imagine my life, without it! Aspiring to become a writer. Hope to write even more!

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