Who thought WriterBabu will give me a tough nut to crack! It's a mean Monday, I merely completed writing a complex piece of code at office, opened WriterBabu after surviving a few furtive glances from my nitpicking neighbours (better safe than sorry, it's recession time) and here I am, stifled and motionless, chewing on a red-and-black pen, thinking why I write. I often wonder why I code (copy-paste-organize rather), but little did I know I shall have to struggle to write why I write!

"Well, here's the chance to earn a laurel (and a few bucks as well!), so pour out your emotions when it matters", said my head to my heart. And I overheard. Let me stir up the mind and churn out some reasons for good.

I am a man driven by my vested interests. I write, in the first place, to make myself happy (yeah, that's an interest, a humble one maybe). I am a silent rebel. I denounce casteism, I erupt inside against social injustice. I feel disgusted when voice of the people are subdued by State machinery and I wonder why people still conform to the ghastly dowry system. I want to protest, and I want my people to rise. So I write. That's another vested interest for me (on second read, it sounded fantastically rhetorical, I almost clapped). Last item on my plate - I have a secret desire to become a successful poet someday. I mean, who doesn't like a bit a fame anyway? Maybe WriterBabu will give me the push. Here I conclude.

Disclaimer: I write for many reasons, I write for no reason. If I know me right, I just love to.


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