Writing is habit,

The habit of one,

To write is to express,

And don't feel suppress,

Write for joy,

Give happiness a way to come near by,

Write for an expression not for any intimation,

Write to feel light,

To let bad things out, for the right,

To make good memories,

to cherish for lifetime,

To make your feelings more strong,

Write for fun,

Write to be what are you ,

I write for all reasons to know it better

Way to know who I really am?

I write when i am in pain,

With joy,

In winters

And all seasons that pass by,

Sometimes words come out easily,

sometimes I have to assemble it in a right way,

Sometimes for fame,

And sometimes to gain

Some wait for the right time,

Some just weed out the way they like


Writing is fun and we have to keep it that way,

To let ourselves out and rather feel OK,

Someone always says "Keep writing ... writing is fun ... :)"

We should follow the words and write as we love.


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