Do I write? Yes, I do, I write. Why do I write? I never knew, but, now, I write to know “why do I write?”. I write.

I write on rooftops, I write on tabletops, I write on desktops, I write on laptops, I write on palmtops and on what not, I write non-stop!

As I Possess, I write.
As I Appreciate, I write.
As I Suppose, I write.
As I Succeed, I write.
As I Improvise, I write.
As an Opportunity, I write.
As I Never did, I write. It’s my PASSION, I write. It’s my right, I write.

You know what? Albert Einstein had a point to prove and well, surprisingly, I have proved it all, all just by writing. Hooray!... Unbelievable!..., isn’t it? Here is the proof, the standing proof – the proof of The Theory of Relativity, The Time Dilation!
As I write, I enter into a world, a whole new world, the world of writers. The more I write, the deeper I get into this world, higher the velocity, greater the gravity, pulling more and more of me into it. And every time I write, the velocity and the gravity shoots up even higher, higher than ever, as an Olympic record, slowing down time. Finally, my clock stops ticking, freezing the moment to a standstill!... But still I write.

Voila!... Puzzled!... Hope, you would understand as you write.

I am neither a scientist nor a physicist! But Albert Einstein would appreciate. I do write I am a writer indeed. I write.

Butter or Bitter, it's Better as a Letter. I write.

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