Why do I write..

what I feel I scribble...what I think
I pen it...its a way to express and show the feelings
which are genuine and close to my heart.when I
write I feel alive from inside, my soul bleeds while
emoting from deep inside and it gives the ultimate satisfaction
and a virtual salvation.Its an escape from the emotions away from my personality.I write to feel good and feel blissful.The turbulence inside goes scripted, gets its form in the shape of the words.Its like separating sometimes the agitation and anger or the zeal and enthusiasm or the sensitivity and sensuality on a piece of paper as a tribute to myself.I write to sensitize the people's conscience towards those subjects which are around us but often ignored.When I write I know what kind of people are going to appreciate the message which I try to spread and then it gives me immense pleasure and motivation to write more and more......Writing gives me more confidence and strength to express the sentiments beautifully.The thoughts the ideas entwined with the grey matter and irrigated by the blood is when picturised in the form of words it makes me feel calm and serene.My writing gives me happiness as the purity of emotions flow naturally and genuinely touch others to sensitize the soul.

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