So it's the last day of competition. Almost every entry is about "Why do I write?". Initially, I had thought that I would write about something different, but reading the other posts inspired me and I decided also to write about "Why do I write?"..

I write. Because I'm a writer. I have to express those feelings and incidents that I can't tell. I write to free myself of the feelings that are so annoying when I don't express them. I can't bear wasting time so I use it up by writing about anything.

I write. Because I love to play with words. I like the way I manage to put them together to form poems. It makes me feel like a modern Shakespeare even though I know I cannot be compared to him. It is a game where I try to make every write-up better than its previous one.

I write. Because I'm a student. I have to keep writing and writing to be better than the best. I have to keep on improving my writing skills until no one in the entire class can even dare to beat me and the teacher exclaims: "Who the hell wrote this essay for you???".

and finally..

I write. Because my better-half loves to read my poems. She encourages me to keep on writing. She believe I can be the best. She thinks writing is what differs me to other guys. She says that Writing and me are inseparable because it is a part of me...

Well, in a summary: I write. Because I love writing. Writing is fun and I keep writing.. :)

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