My name is Faryal . I several times thought of its meaning since my childhood. One day my mother told me its meaning "shan wali". I find pleasure in writing daily even though I write few lines it is my habit. When I started writing, I wrote whole information about me including the meaning of my name. Writing makes me happy, sometimes, I think that it is genetically inherited because my father; S.M.Shahid is a writer too. Or may be it is effect of media or else. When I reached college, I made an online blog of mine and till now have written many articles in it. This blog made me to be in connection with the world. Blog address is:
It is a pathway to express my thoughts and feelings with others. I love to write and will be.
Being a student I wrote few articles at school and college competitions and my teachers guided me a lot in writing creatively.
The web address of this article is:

Now, that I have reached in masters, I am in MA English and most of the subjects in this course require effective expression while writing. The interest in the subject enhanced my writing style and reading English literature and language improved my writing skills. Along-with that, I am fond of Urdu literary text. I have interest in Urdu writing as well. Art has always been my favorite subject and I think writing is also a kind of art.

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