Why do we do what we do!
have pondered upon number of times,
searching for an answer day and night
from you, from you and from within
now have a belief
no one knows what it is
no one knows who we are, what we are, what to do and why to do!
lost in these thoughts was wondering over my breathe,
praising inventions of man and nature, appreciating beauty of life
and then struck an earthquake
my room felt the tremors and I ran outside..
returned back to see the destruction on TV
man and humanity everything was on ground
brothers and sisters crushed like insects
oh i wonder what is that
you said its a punishment for our sins,
you talked about plates and the heat underneath the earths surface.
I sit in pain to think again and again, why do these plates move
why is there a heat, what is this energy all about..
I know i know theories you are going to give
but i also know you have no control
you have your limits, which is limited till here, yeah till here
I suggest you have a look at the Milky way
spend some lonely nights under the star
probably that can make some scar in your thoughts
you are nothing more than a bacteria of a curd
oh that can be too rude or too good for you
its just that how you see the relativity of life
yeah .u heard it right
spend some time and do some good
as we all have limited time
choose wisely as what to do and why to do
I am not insane
I know what I do
yes I accept to be bacteria of this curd
& I am here to make it better.

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