You are 22 or 30 or 40 or 50, may 60-70 too. You are pissed off and need a break. You have been longing to take to go to the beaches of Diu or trekking in the hills of Himachal or exploring the exotic locations of North East India. And here you are, sulking and grumbling over your job, responsibilities and screwed up relationships. Right now, you don't have any idea company, but you desperately want to travel. Why don't you travel alone? You would have doubts about my idea, but trust me you have all the reasons to take this solo trip.

1. Traveling alone will make you independent. When you start travelling, you don't know how your destination would be, how will you manage alone, how many perverts will you encounter on your way, how will you handle your finances, what if you meet an accident or a mishap happens. But at the end of your journey, you have answers to all the questions, and you are experienced, and more importantly, independent. Learn something from Queen.

2. You will learn to enjoy alone. It has been rightly said "One who is not happy alone, cannot make others happy." And your trip will help you find happiness in yourself. You will discover solace in hills, beaches, villages, untraveled roads and strange cities.

3. When in doubt, travel. A person is knowledgeable only when he is well read and well traveled. Mahatma Gandhi traveled through entire India before starting Freedom struggle. Sole travelling will give you freedom to make your own decisions, what you want to do next in life. Your mind would be free of all doubts when you will witness the exalting beauty of nature, the terrific feeling of finding an answer at every step.

4. You will meet strangers from different cultures. You will make life long friends from unknown backgrounds. There are chances you might find your soul mate in the midst of the journey. The new people will definitely bring new experiences along with them, you will listen to new stories in the long railway rides and around the bonfire. A cute French guy might compose a song for you. The memories will be cherished forever. You will have N number of stories to tell to your children and grandchildren.

5. The journey may lead you to your destiny. You do not know about the future, but there are chances that you might discover your destination in the journey itself. It may be as simple as starting a coffee chain in Sikkim or writing your own travel book. Again, take lesson from Queen.

6. Traveling is the remedy to all the problems. You are suffering from a chronically troubling boss or a toxic relationship. You need a break. Say good bye to your ex, pack your bag, and travel to the next destination you were lately dreaming off. Was it playing with the snowman in Auli or relaxing on the lazy beaches of Gokarna. Just leave.

7. You learn to do things on your own. You might have been the sensitive. You always went shopping with your childhood bestie, you never went to a movie or a restaurant without your boyfriend. But now, you are helpless, your friend has moved to a new city for her job, and your boyfriend broke up with you without a reason. You would say, "My life is finished. What will I do now." Please don't panic.
I hope you never face such problems. But to save you from one of those, or even if you are facing it right now, a solo trip would be an awesome lesson and a complete remedy for you. From choosing eating place to deciding on which place to stay, you will not be dependent on the boyfriend or mom or bestie. You live your life without bothering about what others think. You will learn to live for yourself on your own terms. It is your choice to live in whatever manner you are pleased to.

8. I am running out of words now. But the last and the most important reason-Zindagi sirf ek baar milti h. Cherish it, live it, experience, explore, fall down, stand up again.

I know many of you would not agree with me, but at least give it a try. You might change your perspective, and if you don't like it, there is always a second time. Travel again with someone. But, travel, because there is nothing like travelling.

Happy traveling.

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