Bruised by life’s harshness
A little leaf breaks from a tree
Truth haunts the leaf,
Nightmares of a ravaging storm
Send shudders down its spine.
Life’s rude reality does its duty
And mars the leaf’s beauty
Soiled and torn is its body.
Reaching the crossroads
Form where no lane leads
Back to life’s monotone,
The leaf waits for days
For those light’s rays
Which were a warm dream
Before this endless sleep.
The leaf leaves its body
And becomes a flower
Or a wind or a bee
That it always wanted to be.
The leaf lives the story
of fools wanting to be else
and then finally themselves.
After sprawling for a while
The leaf is back to life.
A leaf of a different tree…
A leaf differently....
A shoot from a withering leaf
A shoot to a withering leaf
One journey is life
One journey is death
Leaf that is dead in one breath
Becomes alive in one breath…
Then why fear death.

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