In reply to your, 'Why you should not date me?'
here's my reply..

1- I discovered you are an outrageous fell asleep while we were watching TV..forget the bed!
I indeed want to forget time with you!

2- Your food was soaked in an overdose of ghee in oil. love desserts..
you look like a giant laddoo!

3- Your jokes were too complicated. And you ended up laughing at 'em.
I realized it was a joke only when you laughed.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Finally my tears ran down my face.

4- My Mom and Dad would indeed love you. Together.
They would love to chuck you out the main door.

5- All my gal friends would feel jealous of my parents..
'cause they didn't have the privilege to throw you out!

6- My er..'gay' friends would get 'gayer'..
meaning happier..when they watch the huge tamasha going on.

7- You said, 'I'm not at all loquacious; but I have been known to be a sesquipedalian.'
Neither YOU nor I understood what it meant..
So it's really, really okay.

8- I WON'T bring my pet dog (I hate cats) to your home. Why should I?
So no question of us calling out it's name.
Btw I thought YOU were calling me home! Unless you changed your mind at the last moment.

9- You can't count, you said.
Now is it money or time?
If it's money, then no problem. I presume you earn in crores. and I can really help you count 'em!
If it's time, it's a real problem. You'd lose track of time spent with attractive me!

10- I realize you are really after MY money. You asked me to pay up for my food after we ate!

11- NA

12- Point noticed.

13- I wish I had known earlier what an amazing liar you are.

14- You still have the crappy car. It has NO windows..leave alone 'power' windows! The paint came off ages ago..the car had to be pushed for miles by fifty people..and finally you dropped me by BUS!

15- Sorry to say..I reject your proposal..not only for the above reasons..
but mainly because I'm already MARRIED!

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