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# Reference: a certain FB post on my news feed , “ Why 24-27 is not a good age for men- reasons- your ex girfriends are getting married.. blah”

#I am a girl

#My view: Dudes! Save yourself some self-pity. 24-27 is a bad age for both sides of the world.. men AND women.

# Here’s why it sucks for the girls too

1. Getting you married is on the high-priority, red-alert agenda for 96.7% of the world
2. Meanwhile,
a. You are either single, and exclaiming “happy endings are only for the movies”, while secretly hoping you are wrong
b. Or, wondering whether you and your boyfriend will end up getting married
c. Or, thanks to your new jobs, you know that sooner than later, your long-distance relationship is going to break off
d. Or, if you are amongst the 1% of your friends who is engaged/married, you know your friends don't like hanging out with you. Your life is way too perfect.
3. In 1 year from now, your ex-school-girl-friends will be posting pics of their babies, and you will still be at #2
4. Your ex-boyfriends are screwing mindless girls you wish you could wipe off the face of earth
5. You are wondering whether you are missing something if you are not having casual sex
6. You are not sure if you are meant for the job you are doing
7. You are pretty sure you want to make it big,get yourself a real carrer, but all you see around is women coming back and going for maternity leaves and cribbing about work-takes-away-my-baby-time
8. You have seen the world enough to know that being a woman can often let you have your ways. Yet, you are stupid enough to go to the extent of even acting stupid, to wave your flag of i-am-asgoodasyou-and-i-need-no-special-favors
9. You want to drink and smoke, but you know the world is calling you a whore with every puff you take.

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