Early in the morning,
When there's not a single soul awake,
I login in to WB without warning,
Right at day break!

I think of something to write on,
A poem, short story, an article or a song!
I type furiously on keyboard,
Put out all those emotions that are within me stored!

I go through it again to make sure,
That it portrays emotions that are so pure!
I search for a pic,
For it portrays emotions real quick!

And then it is done,
My morning's battle I have won!

Then I begin to poll,
And then do the read and roll!
The hmmm, nice, hats off and speechless,
It relieves me of my stress!

Those beautiful lines,
Or those witty signs.
My mornings I enjoy,
Each day brings joy!

After reading everything that's written,
By the WB bug I've been bitten!
And then I go,
Coz college awaits me with open doors!

I return in the evening,
The day has been tiring!
I log in to see who's polled,
Want to see what I've been told!

And there are hardly a few,
Some of them who only view!
I feel dejected,
My work has been rejected!

"Am I so bad?", I ask
That polling for me was such a big task!
At least tell me where I have gone wrong,
I'll correct my mistakes and come out strong!

Didn't I poll for every single one of you?
Even the ones who were new?
I'm tired now,
And I've decided to take a vow!

You'll never know my identity,
'cause I've become an unknown entity!
But I still cry,
And ask "Why O Why?".

Tags: Sad, Dejected, Writing

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