Dear anonymous
Hi! Why have parents taken the pain to christen you with a unique beautiful name? For you like being anonymous!
What a hats off article you wrote, what a point you raised. Your name is bound to attract so much fame
But ooh! you signed in as anonymous!
Such a humble creature you are
No name game, believing all are the same
What matters is the article, the craft of which you skillfully maneuvered.
But that "You" would remain a mystery, people would fight to get this identity.
You, the poor creator, don't be sad. Be happy you have got the skill, rest are all the jealous no-good lads
ooh you are upset, you needed the applause
then dear anonymous why get a mask when you possess a beautiful face.
"Fear is the only thing to be feared", why be afraid?
The anonymous claims "Ha! thats makes me fearless, you fool"
"I scrible my muse, bash a few and still people would have no cue"
Ooh thou anonymous
Why get a mask to feel free
Bash what you dislike, say what you feel
Let writing define you. don't hide behind the veil.

I have committed a sin
The heart is heavy
I lament. i mourn
of the misdeeds i carry
with paper-pen at rescue, i let the emotions wipe
and then apprehensive of the judging eyes
I let my-self hide
People 'll typecast me
Ooh yes! they 'll do
"What a traitor he is, to leave that friend in queue"
Or "What an unrealistic man to dream of an utopia and world full of hue"
I know i am imperfect, a dreamer too
I have a grey side
have committed sins too
Doesn't writing ease away that guilt
Ooh! yes it does
then why feel the guilt again when its time to reveal who we were!

Tags: Anonymity, Humour

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