I wake up at six and let out a fart..
Time for another beautiful day to start;
I Rub my eyes and scratch my ass,
Sorry if that was a bit crass!!

It’s six thirty now, time to really get up,
Man, this life is really fucked up!
I think of office as I take a bath,
Bury it in an Earthquake, O Lord, and show us your wrath!!

I get into the office bus, with people fast asleep,
Their faces so peaceful , their slumbers running deep;
I stare at the paper, wondering what to put down,
It’s really tempting, like a young maidens gown...

Suddenly the pen slips, the bus halting with a jerk;
It’s time to get inside and pretend to work..
Draft, study drawings and fill out excel sheet,
In between, cock up and massage your manager’s feet..

Stare at a paper full of numbers to crunch,
In reality, just wonder what’s cooking for lunch,
Soon my friends call, and I run to the canteen,
A mysterious place that, like Aladdin’s Jin..

I stuff my plate with all that I can eat,
Chappathi and Cabbage, which smells like feet;
Soon i am back at my desk, staring at a computer screen,
Wondering of a life that could have been..

I would have been a writer, famous and all,
A warrior of words, life would have been a ball;
Fans would wait outside, my housewould be cordoned off,
And thats when the end-of-day office bell goes off.

Soon I am heading home, eating bread butter Jam,
All the time wondering what a looser I am!!
My soul might be tired, my spirit refusing to fight,
That’s when i pick up a pen, and begin to write!!

So before you yawn, or your face breaks into a smile,
Or even you have skipped everything above, you lazy imbecile!!!
You can say this poem sucks or “Oh my Gosh”,
But please vote for me, I really need the dosh!!

Tags: WBC, Writing

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