What is the meaning of it? It creates nothing. Nothing that would serve any purpose to mankind. It won’t make you rich unless you find a gold mine under a rock. Nor will it add to any of the scientific knowledge with which we can work for the betterment of people. There’s only one thing it brings. It brings Joy. Joy is the nectar of life. We don’t live to make money, get a new car, or get the latest iPhone. We live for joy. The greatest of joy in our life comes in realizing that that star, millions of mile above, this pebble, under my feet, & me. We are all the same. We are made of similar atomic particles just in different proportions. Those huge massif make us realize how petty are the worries of our small world. The greatest of joys come in challenging the core set of ideas given to us by the “society”, that this is who you are. In understanding, you are much much more than you ever thought you can be. That joy to see the world through new eyes, to recognize the harmony among all this, to disturb the comfort zone of your bedroom. The real marrow of life comes from there. That way of life. It’s beautiful. It’s a life worth living.

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