WriterBabu says,"writing is fun".... Why WRiTinG is fun..??

It makes you express your inner feelings and thoughts.
There are just some things/ideas that we can easily express in writing. Maybe because we can still organize our thoughts and think of better expressions since we have the time to do so. For things and experiences too private to share to others, we can just write them in our diaries and journals.

It makes you think more deeply.
Definitely when you write, you think more actively and deeply as you try to express what’s in your mind and in your heart.

It develops your creativity.
Writing is very creative (except for business/corporate writings). You can write anything from a simple to a more complicated article, poems, short stories, novels, etc. You can definitely be as creative as you want depending on the genre you choose...

Writing can be taken as a hobby too.In free times one can write and can also publish them.
when you are travelling,you can write your experiences also..


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