1. I'm outrageously good in bed; you'll end up losing your job/some other imp. thing because you're late for work all the time. You will start walking like John Wayne.(if you r married your hubby might come... as you will forget time when with me ;) :P)

2. I'm a really good cook; but I only cook what I like to eat you'll end up packing on the pounds and developing diabetes because of all the delicious desserts I serve up.

3. I'm hilarious company; your mascara will constantly be running down your face; you'll develop an incontinence problem.

4. Your mum will love me; this will cause a family rift as your father becomes jealous, the arguments will escalate, and your parents will end up on 'Jerry Springer' throwing chairs.

5. All your girlfriends will be jealous too; see point 4.

6. All your gay friends will be jealous; see point 4.

7. I'm not at all loquacious; but I have been known to be a sesquipedalian.

8. Pets love me; your dog/cat will quickly develop such strong feelings for me that when we sit across the room from each other and both call her name, she will come to me, not you. Heartbreak and bitterness will ensue, you'll become a cynical, twisted wreck. Your self esteem will plummet.

9. I can't count

10. I am only interested in financially independent women, so that brushes off anyone with hope of finding a financial supporter. :P

11. Thief. Did I mention that I will steal your drink and claim innocence every time? I win again. :D

12. I don't want to get married.

13. I'm an amazing liar. I've been told by a lot of people how difficult I am to read. I never really take it to my advantage but I do like to tell people stories and make up all sorts of B.S.

14. I had a crappy car? super clean and well maintained, but bland and does not even have power windows. Even though I can afford a nice one, I don't like the maintenance, costs, worrying if I get a scratch, etc. I like using vehicles as a utility. And I sold that too

P.S. What a horrible guy I am, no wonder I am single :p

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