1. I had gone to a parlor to get my son a haircut. As it was a men saloon, there were men all around (one of the few side-effects of having a baby boy.. you have no idea how scandalizing it gets for a woman who runs shy of going to a parlor herself).

I saw men getting their eyebrows plucked, manicures, pedicures, facials( grls, even men opt for gold and pearl facials) they too bleach their skin. I am pretty okay with it, who does not want to look good? Even men want to look well-groomed and fair (chuckles).

But the most scandalizing and confusing thing I noticed was men getting their hands,..chest waxed (I knew actors and models did that but they r the breed that can go around the town wearing an orange colored jeans with a flashing royal blue shirt) . Why would a normal next-door boy want to do that? Is all I wanted to ask. Wasn't chest hair suppose to be sexy.. and more sought after in a real man's world?

2. Sadly, I have been gyming for sometime. Most of the men working out are seen lifting weights, making awful noises, gulping down protein shakes and they are working this hard to develop bulging muscles. Its a good thing to be fit. But seriously is that really healthy? I even heard from one of my gym-mate that there are steroids that help you to get these sculptured muscles.

I wish I could tell these poor chaps "Darling, if this is to impress women...this is not really what women want. No women want to get close and intimate with a walking talking rock( rock solid body)`."

3.I was in a pub a fortnight ago. Like any all-women group all we talked about was Men. We noticed men in there and most of them had buttons stratigicaly opened to show off their well-framed torso. One of my notorious friends couldn't help saying it aloud,"I guess it's time even these metro-sexual men started wearing a bra." We couldn't help but laugh.

Other than our stupid Bollywood heroes...who have started an extremely unhealthy and a dangerous trend ...very few outside India have a fascination for six pack abs.. bumpy arms and women like breast.

All in all what I am trying to convey here as a woman is that when we see a man with no hair on the chest, hands, legs it makes us think of a teenage boy and not a Man. Men are supposed to be hairy, they look good and manly that ways. Most of the most sought after men in the world have hair...have flat yet strong chest...thin but dependable arms.

P.S. I really feel it's kind of sexy when a guy has a little bit of chest hair showing when wearing a button up shirt.