Wish you would listen to me more often,
Wish you would understand my feelings.
Wish you trust me a little more,
Things then wouldn't have been this way!

You know that I love you a lot,
But it does hurt my heart,
That you still think,
I love someone else!

I do not demand for gifts and dates,
All I need is a little more faith.
I do not care what the world tells,
All I want is your love which never fails.

Maybe you expected more,
I'm sorry for being such a bore!
But I love the way I am,
I wish you just understand!

I love you and I always will,
Till the world stands still.
I only wish you wouldn't hate,
That you realized it very late!

Wish you would take me in your arms,
Stand by me in dangerous storms!
Wish you would trust me more,
Before the time when I'm no more!

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