Early morning as I open my eyes
I shout your name to hold me tight.
You came running and saw me crying
That was in your absence I was dying.
You came near taking me in your arms
Wiped my tears and allow going all the harms.
It was unbearable to bear this pain
You came near and gave happiness to gain.
Every time you are not near me
I feel like a person so loopy.
The time look lour
And you work like a blower.
Blowing all those dark times away
You stay near always is all I pray.
This feeling of lovelorn is hurting
And this heart day by day seem to be burning.
Begging for that laughter to came back
But there’s nothing even I lack.
As you be the one to fulfil any wish
You make my day with that fruitful kiss.
You make me feel so lull
And don’t let my day go dull.
Girl you are so much to this little heart
You are the life’s most beautiful art.
Preserving your thoughts in my mind
Whenever am frustrated it makes me feel kind.
These words are so less to describe you
Girl it’s an old feeling but every time seem to be new.

Tags: Love

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