Woman! beautiful woman
Why you paint the face with a masquerade?
Why have you stopped being a natural woman?
With so many accessories that deform your face, hiding your beautiful being.

Perhaps, perhaps I'm a fool for loving your soul
but I can't stop loving it.
More and more hard to find it, in so many soft paint.

Where is your interior? woman!
by to find it, across your eyes
I have to take the paint off from your face.

I'm a fool lost in space, in the time
with pain in my heart, for longing.
your simple and clean nakedness.

Now, comes back home, to the house of your soul your interior woman.

Leave to the rainbow the colors; only he is natural.
returns to your woman's roots, leaves your plasticity.
You're a kaleidoscope of interior colors, a magic moment,
the origin of the life, the sunrise of every day,
the night with its beautiful melancholy.
Origin of my life, everything're you; woman!

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