So for those who were just instantly able to picture a pink board against a not so well - lit backdrop , from just the title .....kudos! Yes , i know you have travelled on the Delhi Metro.
For the ones who are a bit puzzled and have been spared the "the joys of Delhi Metro " , for them i would like to elaborate .
This is the coach of Delhi Metro reserved for women. The month is june (need I say more?) and frankly Delhi's dil would have boiled up and evaporated a long time ago had this conveniently air - conditioned "mode de transport " been absent. And of course , there is nothing I can tell that you have not read from excited journalists or heard from its sufferers before !

Yes ,it was a winning idea to keep the women safe from not just the Arithmomaniacs (search the net) but also from a rather intoxicating perfume that can make your life a living hell ... if you have been there you know what i mean! The general coach can get rather smelly during this time of the year ( no awards for guessing why).
And yes it is super safe for women , at least till the station stairs .
And yes it has given women the freedom to work till 11 pm or hang out with friends till that late in India!
And yes we can all wonder as to how it manages to fit together people from across all sections and communities into a single, air - conditioned tube.
And yes it taught us to be in a state of hyper alertness (courtesy the beware from pick -pockets announcements especially Rajiv Chowk ). No , jokes apart , seriously beware at Rajiv Chowk.

But what really brought me to write this piece was ...this:
the realisation that the fashionistas of the Delhi Metro have turned me ...a once - used - to - be tomboy to ...uhhh...well whatever I am today. All i can see along my travel nowadays is what kind of jhumkis would go well with well with silk kurti and all i can imagine during my free time at office is what can i wear tomorrow with my new Peep -toe sandals.

Forget Milan , forget Paris , London and New York , your inspiration for style and fashion comes full circle from a single ride in this special place. Traditional Benarasi sarees paired with metallic earrings of the DPS teacher , cotton churidars with long flowing dupattas of the wide -eyed , elegant girl, the blue business suit of the tall bob-haired hotshot consultant , the faded jeans and white t-shirt of the DU girl and of course the killer heels of the party girl from Hauz Khas.
My exposure to these vibes has left me a mutant .

As an aspiring marketing executive , one thing that is hard to swallow is why this enchanting place is not depicted more in the Indian Advertising scene. Why they don't depict this epic place in those Incredible India commercials , if they did they could lure in the women tourists hoping to learn some style mantras from the queens of this runway for free and well need i talk about them men?

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