Yesterday It was Women's Day, but wonder how I did not write anything!
Well that's becaause I am quite busy with all these boards, and even if I plan to write, words don't come up in my mind.
But you know what, I wasn't quite celebrating the joy of having a Women's Day. When thousands of girls are being raped on this day, how can we people so callously wish each other a Happy Women's Day?
It's frustrating how numbers still continue to be consistent. About 2 and a half months have passed since Braveheart Nirbhaya's demise, but still, it seems no one was able to learn a lesson from i. Law and order, though a little strict than yesteryears, is not so strict so as to be totally capable to protecting a woman. We still fear to move out of the house, Police is still callous.
You go to a police station, most of them are the same. Lusty eyes looking at you with desires building up in their mind. And we consider them our saviours?

Rare are those who are actually responsible. Fastrack courts didn't help, no decision is taken still, no punishment provided to rapists.
And to make thins worse, we spare the most heinous monster considering him a juvenile? Is this how Women's Day should be celebrated?
People post statuses saying they are ashamed of being a man. They are ashamed society couldn't save a girl's life.
Everyone, including us, gives lectures, gets likes and comments and likewise, are portrayed as the most concerned citizens. But you walk on the road, and a very few among those 'Ashamed' men would actually walk up to you to protect you when god forbid something happens to you. I guarantee almost 99% of those 'Ashamed' men will run back to their homes, or stand in the background to see the roadside scene going on, and then come back, log in to facebook, and put a status again, Ashamed I couldn't help that woman on the road" and again get comments and consolations and then that 'Ashamed' man feels, I am great, since I consider myself to be 'Ashamed'!

Guys and girls, it's time we all 'STOP' feeling ashamed and join our hands together to help women, to really make Braveheart's sacrifice remembered, and to really start taking actions. Enough of shames and confessions, and status uploads.

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