Women are a unique species. The perfect woman in our Mythology is Goddess Durga, The Devi with ten hands adorned with ten weapons. She is the woman epitomised - a perfect consort to Lord Shiva, she wooed him as Parvati and won his love as Uma. She, being a Princess in her own right, gave up the luxury provided by Father Himalaya, affection and security bestowed by mother Menaka and just followed proudly her chosen destiny with her Husband . She borne Kartikeya, Dev Senapati, who became protector of all deities. She is the affection mother of Lord Ganesha - Gansh Janani .She is Annapurna - provider of food, when Lord Shiva took up begging apparently to keep the fire burning at home. She is Anandamoyee , when world is reeling under unhappiness. Again , in time of distress when even Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara were clue less how to combat the demon Mahishasura, Devi Durga took the form of Mahishasur mardini to kill evil and establish goodness. Are not we women doing the same day in day out? The Tradition keeps going on - call it women's day or not.

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