I. My home is made of words
airy and light, as peace,
love, flowers, poetry,
hope, imagination, raindrops,
books and ink and friendship,
my home is in ethereal world
where music fills all senses
and you forget the sadness.

II. His home is made of words
strong and heavy, like bravery,
daring, pride, prejudice, wealth,
his house is covered with gold,
smell of musk and o de colon,
his clothes are made of leather
shining, his car is dazzling red.

III. Her home is made of words
sweet and gentle, like pink,
candies, baby, pampers, body cream,
her room is full of fragrances -
Jasmine, orange and lily and
fresh hyacinth. Her dress is made
of pale blue tulle, she is a dreamer
in her shell of little girl, she
used to be a princess long ago.

IV. Their home is made of words-
so dark and dusky, as fire, war,
hatred, pain, crash and aim,
They live under black sky, no sun
light ever in their home abide.
On their black rocks graveyards
grow, they listen to the songs
of lonely crows. They spilled the
blood of many children, women,
just for the cause of their god
Their clothes are made of bones
of prays, martyrs and forgotten souls.
The smell of their space is sulfur.

V. Who are they?

VI. Who are we?

{© n. nour}

Tags: Words, Love

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