Words. We attach mening to words and distort them.

Lets look at a few of them. For example the word, brain washing. Your brain like your body needs little washing. You don't want to walk around with a dirty brain. Do you? Then what is wrong with the word brain washing? It indicates a clear brain and a clean mind. Isin't it? But it is used in such derogatory manner. The word disillusioned. It is good that you have become disillusioned. Because you are out of illusion and you have come to reality. Then we can look at the word 'purana'. Do you know what purana means? :P ..purana means that which is brand new. It was the news paper of the old times. So if you say I have a purana washing machine in my house, it means you just bought it. Interesting?

Meaning of words change in the course of time.The word enthused comes from the greek word which means 'god is with us'. Then the word began to mean 'crazy' .. arbit enthu, unnecessary enthu. How can god mean unnecessary? The way we use it, the meaning has changed. Don't be stuck with words. Your worries are words, your ideas are words, but wisdom is beyond words. See and relate beyond words, then there is no lies in your life. If you manipulate words, its a lie. If you play on words, its a joke. If you rely on words, its ignorance. But if you transcend words, it is wisdom.

So let me tell you a story. We were taking a walk outside around 11-11 30 in the night with our guruji and we were talking about words. And guruji said that everything that you say is a lie. We were like, what?????He repeated, everything you say is a lie. Let me demonstrate something (with words). I clap. It produces a sound. Can you describe it to me? One said its a clap sound, that way too vague. Started making noises trying to match the sound of that clap. We began to realize, how limited is our vocabulary. So whenever something happens, some event and we are describing it in words, there is already a huge approximation being done to it. This approximation is nothing but a lie. So whatever you say is a lie. :P And this is why you should not read any book on spirituality. Someone experienced some awesome thing and he decided to write a book. First approximation done. Then you read it and understand it. Reading and understanding itself add so much of approximation. What he has written and what you understand is already light years apart. That is why people who read spiritual books go crazy. Spirituality is not something you can read or describe, it is something you can only experience.

So when guruji said whatever you say is a lie, we said so we should stop saying anything? We should just go to silence? He said, no, you are not understanding. Then he suddenly stopped and said, look at the stars. He pointed towards the sky. We said, which start? He again pointed, that one, look. We were around 20 people and so you know all 20 people have their own stars. And we started arguing, that one, no that one. The argument went on for 3-4 mins and guruji was standing happily and watching us argue. We again asked. He again pointed, that one. This thing happened two three more times, we reached at the consensus, we don't know. Finally we surrendered and asked, please tell us this time. He said the one just above that tree. We said, okay, that one. He said, what possible connection is there between the tree and that star? Apparently nothing. The tree pointed to the star. Similar is the case with words and the truth. Words point to the truth, but truth is much beyond those words. If we get stuck in the tree we could never see the star. If we get stuck in the words we can never sense the truth.

So let me repeat.

If you manipulate words its a lie.

If you play with words, its a joke.

If you rely on words, its ignorance.

If you transcend words, its wisdom.

If you can see the tree and look at the stars, that is wisdom.

Not my original 'words' .. :P . This story was told to me by a 'great person'. JGD :)

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