‘Today is a holiday’ – This very thought itself rids us of all our stress, frees our mind from all our worries and pressures, and fills our body with new vigour and energy. A holiday means a day when one can work without any stress or pressure, or even take rest. So, free time is the time that actually belongs to us. However, a person can really enjoy his free time only after he has put in a lot of hard work and wants to take rest for a while. Just like after a day’s hard labour it is necessary to take rest and sleep well in the night to reinvigorate and reenergize the body, likewise after working continuously on a particular task there is need to take a break. This break releases stress, makes us healthy and prepares us to work again with renewed enthusiasm.
If a person, tired due to working continuously for long, does not take rest he can fall prey to several physical and mental ailments. Scientists say that physical activities release some acids in the joints. When the quantity of acids increases in the body, the person begins to feel tired. A break from work helps remove this tiredness. Leisure not only gives rest to the body, but also refreshes the mind. We again get to work free from any stress or pressure during leisure.
Our body can work only up to a limit. Similarly our mind also can bear stress and pressure of circumstances up to an extent. When mind and body get tired, they can no longer continue to work; and demand rest. With rest, our mind and body become healthy and refreshed, and they can get on with the work with a new beginning.
Every human being needs a break. For this very reason, labour laws include regulations related to leaves and vacation. Holidays give a special happiness. According to an American survey, the sales figures of some companies that offered vacations as incentive to their employees went up by 30%, while the others which did not do so continued with their usual performance. According to another survey by USA Today, 93% participants chose vacations as preferred incentive. These statistics prove that to get a break from busy schedules and have some free time for ourselves is extremely necessary.
Just as we really enjoy the taste of food when we are hungry, enjoy water when parched with thirst, enjoy sleep when we are tired, similarly after working continuously for several days we relish vacation periods. What we do during the vacation depends upon us, but true vacation is that when there is no regular work pressure, when we work differently from daily routine, and feel happy within while doing the work.
A large number of people spend their free time sleeping, some people finish their left over tasks in their free time, some people initiate new activities in their leisure time, some go off on picnics and outings , while some people just while away their free time. We all do get some free time but this free time is always limited. It completely depends upon us how well we utilize it.
Free time is meant for doing our work more efficiently and effectively, and thereby filling our lives with happiness. True meaning of leisure is to paint our lives with beautiful colours, make ourselves more creative and effective. In the present times of high competition and extreme hustle-bustle, leisure is the only means which helps us to pause and reevaluate our priorities and give new directions to our lives.. :)

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