It seems I have found myself surfing the multi-electrical links of the web and have stumbled upon this new world for writers that haven't had the opportunity to share their passionate letters filling paragraphs ye long.

Good I say! Congrats to this site and congrats to those who have utilized the functions that are offered in this world. You are ahead of the game times! Didn't you know already that it's a time game or game pushing the very object that is time? Who is behind this game of time you ask? Why Ego my friends. Ego has gotten the best of all of us, but now we can go at the pace we feel is best for us to continue our newly burgeoning legacy. Otherwise known as writing!

Don't shoot the hand that inks the page whether it be virtual or physical papier. I'm just sharing the possibillites that are at hand in which these types of various sites are giving you the writer now.

God knows I've been searching with almost no promise in sight. Thanks to WriterBabu and the many other sites that have similar intentions, I now take the stance of being in the wrong.

Thank God~!

God Bless all!


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