Today's world is called the World of Technology. And indeed it is. If we look around, we see everyone carrying gadgets. Everyone is always glued to their gadgets. When we are travelling, when we are at cafeterias, or even when with friends, many of us cannot get rid of their gadgets. Most of us are busy updating and improving their social lives online.

We say technology has brought the world closer. But is that really the case? We need to think over it. We may be having hundreds and thousands of friends online. But how many of them do we really know? With how many of them do we interact daily? Having lots of friends online may make you popular on social networking sites, but how many real friends do you have? How many friends do you have who will be there to help you out when you are in need?

Also in today's world we don't know the people around us. We are so busy with our gadgets that we have no time to understand the people we live with. We have become so busy that we don't even find time for our own family. We don't usually see a family sit together and have a healthy interaction with each other. Every member of the family is busy on their mobiles, laptops or glued to TV sets.

Yes, technology has brought the world near, but it has taken the near ones far away. We need to keep control on the use of technology. We need to have interaction with people around us. Get to know your friends better, speak with your family everyday. Find some time for people around you. It will make your life a lot better.

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