You teach, you tell
You speak, you yell
Suggestions, full of care
Fake innately, I am aware
Your intentions, false and malafide
Inside your ostentation, evils hide
You are weak, fettered in limitations
Fake rules, prejudices, senseless obligations
In your heart, you fantasize dark
Then in the light you speak, you bark
Give conclusions of what is right what is wrong
Self made conceptions, self made song
You wear a mask of humble and caring face
Behind that, your face has malignity, disgrace
Mind full of grim thought and that cunning grin
And your malicious deeds, hidden sin
Yet you portray it all with smile, hues and cries
And teach me how to be good and wise
It’s a plea, a request, a warning too
Don’t let me lose my head, I am not you
Keep your self-made beliefs within you own
I am not of your kind, I am not a moron
Bury these fake systems deep in your mind
And let me breathe freely, let me be human kind

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