I sit on top of the world today!
I want to capture nature with the pen in my hand or with the brush in the air. Today, the sky seems so near. There is a silhouette, like blocks of buildings and the bushes of trees. The sun has placed itself to the west. The view is a daily course, but the vision seems to have changed today. The blocks of the building and the bushes of trees have formed a circular boundary. I sit on top of the world today! But my eyes can't reach beyond the line. The boundary has stopped my vision. But I want to see what is beyond that. How does the world look like out there?
Does the world has the same sun, which is glistening my hair ... The same bird wandering high in the air ... Does that world also have blocks and boundaries so near. I want to peek and see, what is the world out there?
There is no difference in the world out there and the world out here. The trees float in the air singing a hymn. This is the world out here. The sun has brighten up the sky. Seems like an oracle in the air. This is the world out here. The world is the same, the people are the same just the view has changed. Today, I sit on top of the world.
I see a man carrying his child on his shoulders. Hoping to see him grow older. I see a bird teaching her child the first fly to take. She sees him go away, hoping to see him again, some day. There is a hope of love, still there. When I look down sitting on top of the world.
Love has surrounded itself. It's a beautiful thing; full of mysteries, full of desires, full of promises and full of colors.
We can't chase love and neither can we go door to door to find it. It finds us in every possible way.
Today I want to take a canvas and paint my desires. This world is not a bad place to live when the hopes are higher and touching every soul desires.

Tags: Fantasy

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