According to a BBC News article dated 25 January 2015, 'Where do the wealthiest or top 1% live?',
39.3 millions of the wealthiest 47 million people in the world live in 10 countries. The remaining 7.7 millions live in 28 countries.The figures vary from the highest of 18 million in US to the lowest of 0.8 million in Switzerland. The figure for Japan is 4 million, for France it is 3.5 million, UK 2.9 million, China 1.6 million. Translated into percentage of the country's population, the numbers are close to: Switzerland (population =8157896) 9.8%, US (population = 322583006) 5.6%, France (population = 64641279) 5.4%, U.K.(population = 63489234) 4.6%, Japan (population = 126999808) 3.15%, China (Population=1393783836) 0.115%.
Definition of wealth here is as follows. Wealth = assets-debt or own-owe. It includes everyone with wealth of $798000 or more.
Total global household wealth in 2014 is at $263 trillions (tn).

The above analysis shows that near about 10% of Swiss population is among the top 1% of the world and China is 1/10th of top 1%. Surprisingly France and US are near about the same with UK close behind . Next is Japan at 3.15%.

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