Write a story, post it on WriterBabu, tag it with "internstory" and you can win yourself some cash and t-shirts

It starts today, and there are 11 different prizes to be given away with total worth of more than 15000 Indian Rupees. First prize in each category is Rs. 5000. Read on ...

There are two categories:
1. Popular
2. Critic

Prizes in Critic category will be based on the decision of the jury. In the Popular category however, the winners will be decided on the basis of how many polls and how good the post is polled and the number of times the post was shared on Facebook and Twitter ( as on the deadline of submission).

The post should be related to internship in some way. It can be a real story or a fiction. Anyone can participate.

To know more about prizes follow the link below:

hope you have a fun filled two weeks ahead .. :)

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