If you thought that the internet was just about, googling your way through life’s problems, or at the most shop while surfing through social networking sites to stay connected, then you may be underestimating the power, of this master of innovations. People are fast realizing the true worth and potential of the internet and even monetizing over this virtual yet effective and influencing medium of mass communication. Gone are the days when you needed powerful connections or had to be an established writer, or content creator living in suburban metropolis to publish your work. With the internet at your disposable there is a platform and audience for all sorts of content. From social commentary, to product reviews, to DIY’s, to sketches, to life hacks or rants, the world is your stage.

This is the age of the dawn of ‘Digital Influencers’; however not everyone makes the cut. There are only a handful number of people that reach to the point of making blogging or vlogging as their full time career. As it goes for any self employed person, to be successful, they must be patient, maintain regularity in uploads while bringing for their audience, original content, determined by their preferences.
Internet consumers are increasing by the minute and so is their requirement to reach out to novel, distinct content having both a functional and aesthetic appeal. For a lot of people writing blogs and uploading videos online, starts off as a past-time that eventually grows with appreciation in their viewership and popularity. It is only then, that it becomes a source of income, but that too not a regular or reliable one. ‘Content is the king’ and how well you market and position yourself defines its success in this fiercely competitive market. Clarity in thought, speech and action is what sets you apart. Creators must know what they’re talking about, to whom they’re talking to- and tailor their presentation accordingly. For writers, several sites are available for posting content and then in due course they can also have exclusive blogs with their name, as companies sign them for such purposes. For video content generators, the essence of the content can vary dramatically, and sky is the limit as you keep uploading them on YouTube. Such has been the impact of these digital influencers that even big shot corporate houses have recognized its possible impact in helping their media, advertising and branding strategies.

So, if you believed that the relevance and popularity of the internet was only a façade sewn in by procrastinators, think again. It is a medium so powerful and accessible that it transcends geographical boundaries. A blogger or vlogger sitting at their homes in UK can inspire, and touch the lives of people living in places far beyond their city, with their content. Thus, a camera and the keyboard with an internet connection possess unprecedented transformational powers. It all depends on how one decides to use it to brand themselves and their content. So, Write, Create, Upload, Repeat!.

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