WriterBabu Blogging Competition. As the name suggests, you need to write an article and win some prizes. Simple? Yeah it is. So read on ...

and wait! if you have not already signed up with WriterBabu, please do so. Its simple, just one click and signup through Facebook or Google account. Else you can also go through email.

Steps needed
1. Write an article on WriterBabu on one of the given themes(see below)
2. Post the article on your blog ( which is not WriterBabu, probably your wordpress or blogger blog ).
3. You should include a link of your WriterBabu post on your blog.
4. Include the link of your blog on your WriterBabu article.
5. Tag this post with "WBC" (WriterBabu blogging competition).

1. Why do I write
2. A tree
3. For what will the world remember me, after I die?
4. Capital Punishment
5. My favorite WriterBabu Author
6. The best Television commercial ever

1st prize INR 3000 cash.
2nd prize INR 2000 cash.
3rd prize INR 1000 cash.
The top 10 blogs will get featured on WriterBabu Facebook fan page and twitter.

Eligible entries
1. The entry must have atleast 100 words ( excluding the two letter words like "is", "to", "on" etc )
2. The blog post on your blog( non-writerbabu) need to have at least one link from WriterBabu
3. You can submit any number of entries but only one entry will be eligible for prize

Important dates
Last date for submission: 21st May 2013 6 AM ( Indian Standard Time )
Results Announcement: 21st May 9 PM ( Indian Standard Time )

Who will be the winner
Quality of content
Number of social shares

We intend to make it a monthly affair if the first competition turns out to be a success ( more than 100 eligible entries )

So get started, the clock is ticking!!

Few tips
1. Start early so that you get maximum number of shares
2. Keep on editing and updating, entries will be judged at the end of the competition

Will keep updating on the entries with time ...

Disclaimer: Although we will do our best but there is always a little scope of mistake in judging a piece of literature.

This competition, the first one at least, is a small attempt to reach out to a larger audience and earn some SEO points, hence it is important to also write a blog entry on your non-WriterBabu blog with a writerbabu url on it.

Keep writing ... writing is fun ... :)

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