J K Rowling running bowling; making millions runs
Rushdie bats on the crease holding; millions people grudge

Larsson gazing resting in heaven; Lisbon our beloved
Jeff Archer colored persona creates; Kane n Abel's heaven on earth

Ken Follett thrilled sits views the match
Ayn Rand absent, too old
Dan Brown's brain hatches conspiracies
Under hot sun E L James feels cold

John LeCarre arrives in his car
wearing detective pants
along sits angry Indians poor and old
teeth grit n chanting rants

Enter Amish Tripathi who is; new to the world of words
enter lousy Durjoy who; knows how to sell the dirt.

Pinstriped Italian suit-boot dude; Mario Puzo dons Godfather
Easter brother in Indian suit; Ashok Banker remembers his father

Steph King arrives along Cujo,his daughter and novel named Carrie
Ian Fleming thumping chest flaunting his date Halle Berry

Charlotte, Emily the Bronte sisters; poor but bringing classics
'Vernian discoverers' people call; french dude, a neoclassic

Arthur, Sherlock's dad he is called, watson comes along
i solved another mystery; singing the damn song.

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