Writing and reading is like a medicine
It cures the ills and brightens the spirit
This process in our life takes a discipline
But in the the long run it has great merit.

How many people can we encourage in this life
To break away from the TV and learn some from reading
To take away my books is like stabbing me with a knife
Each one I read or write it's like a friendly meeting.

Warm my heart with love and feelings
Share with me something that will help me grow
Better information gives us better leading's.
Inside the cover of a book is how I know.

Everyday things change and I learn so much
From reading and writing most of the day
I'm busy feeding my mind I forget about lunch
But who needs food, with a book we can stay.

Well, I've rambled enough today
Learning as I go through life alway
I will say good bye, for now but you can stay
Reading and writing tomorrow and everyday.

Tags: LIFE

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