Writing is fun, Keep writing
search more words, keep fighting
explore new worlds, search your books
writing is pleasure that binds and hooks

Hands and nerves roar and shout
tired we work, spend a night out
when we should have been freely resting
you scoundrel used us, were testing

Testing the limit of brain and mind
when you tie words and bind
create sentence, phrases, expressions
in endless day and night sessions.

Back is stiff, sitting tall
we learn to stand when we fall
make mistakes of grammar and spells
friends are here to guide and tell

community built with tall walls high
beutiful that mouth reveals a sigh
site made up to birth new stars
write as much there is no bar

Srijan sajjan babu unknown
let his name beknown to all
he polls when no one bothers to read
He observes and reads everything with speed.

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