When the sun stared at every possible creation in the hot summer afternoon a girl sitting in her mum’s room was watching her mother sleep.
Her innocent eyes were thrilled by listening to her mum’s poetries and explaining what inspired her to write.
Something was going in her mind but the 10 year old couldn’t exactly figure out what was it.
She looked outside the window and was still lost in her thoughts.
She wondered how pretty the ambience would turn if there’s little rain.
Also she wondered what if the 7 colors of rainbow spread around.
In another five minute she penned her thoughts on a rough paper and those thoughts had rhyme.
She had realized after completing that she has penned her first poetry inspired by her mum.
She eagerly waited for her mum to wake up and when her mother did she jumped on the bed and exclaimed, “Mum I wrote this myself”.
It was since that day the little me had started writing.
The amount of joy I felt writing those few childish lines on rainbow is the same I feel after writing anything now.
I don’t know when this happened but I got addicted to this pleasure.
I write not to impress but to express my deep thoughts.
I sometimes excel in it sometimes I do disasters.
I have heard that pen is mightier than sword.
But sometimes I with my pen feel like a warrior
or a Queen.
I write to understand what I feel.
I write to feel what I can’t understand.
When I’m happy I want to write or when I’m sad I want to write.
I feel these empty pages absorb all my emotions and have been my best friend at all stages.
How lucky am I according to Shakespeare because I know no matter what this friend is never gonna leave me also I’m not letting go him.
I feel beautiful not when my face is appreciated but when my writing is appreciated.
I feel I’m cute if my stories make people blush or smile.
I feel pretty when I get inspired with ideas for my writing.
I’m truly madly and deeply in love with writing.
There’s not a single minute I don’t think about it.
I feel incomplete when I don’t write.
Writing completes me.
Writing is a therapy for me.
Writing motivates me to do better and learn better each day.
It teaches me the infinitheism of existing possibilities in every arena of universe.
Mr. Anonymous quoted well “Creativity is my addiction and writing is a drug by my choice.”
Writing is my escape and that’s who I’m.
Writing is my first love.
I may not be excellent at it but doesn’t mean I’m not going to be someday.
And I am excited for the time when my passion and career will come together :D

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