Passion flowed without bondage,
I glowed in its soft surrounding.
Hidden by the foliage at times,
The dream became my life.
Society clicked its heels and marched,
Some gave a dime,others trampled past me.
I found refuge in the lives of brethren,
In dreams of whom,mine got entwined.
Charm of pen wooed the coy ink,
Their union gave birth to the words of heart.
Thankful to the song they played,
I sang my life through my words.
The sun shines now on the rivulet,
Aiding in its journey of transcendence.
A better life awaits in the journey,
Mingling away with soft correspondence.
The passion shall never die,
Tales of the world shall never say goodbye.
Drenched in pleasure to the brink,
Generations of writers shall continue to think!

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