I attended a creative writing workshop recently and thought that I will share my learning from it.Writing is a great stress buster and we must write whatever comes to our mind,i.e, we must let our minds run wild and go free while writing.Any write-up, be it for a novel,a poem, a short story,a newspaper article, must contain the following key words-originality,appropriateness,relatedness,organization of ideas,awareness of surroundings,knowledge,consistency,sharpness,perception,accuracy of information and detailing.Writers need to show and not tell things to readers.For example, take the word string.If we have to make a sentence out of it,we might as well say-the string of respect forms the strongest bond between a teacher and a child for a lifetime,rather than simply saying that the string is under tension etc. Readers connect more with action words.
How to think like a writer?
There are some pointers for it.
Before you write a scene,daydream it.By doing so,it will be easy to translate what's in your mind to what's on the paper. Make your writing memorable, emotional and naturally worded.Also there should be a sense of openness in your writing,i.e, you should be able to bare your heart to your readers.There are five things which any piece of write-up should do. It should explain,it should inform,it should influence,it should succeed in delivery of your thought and lastly it should be a request,i.e, there has to be a sense of humility in your writing.
I will share the remaining aspects of the workshop during the course of the next couple of days. Keep writing !:)

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