I was bitten by the writing bug long back.I used to just write and write.In the exam papers,on the benches.In the mind,on my hands.Guess my first crush had to be the pen I held for writing.Na,it ought to have been the crayon I coloured my face with when I was a child.Writing is a performance enhancing drug. A great one at that.Its available throughout the world and the best part is that you aren't banned for life if you use it.You can write in a park about a park,on the top of a mountain about the sea below or on the land about the plane flying above your head.The best part about the 'keeda' is that its not harmful.Its serene and you kinda like living with it.
Maybe somewhere down the line,you will pick up one yellow coloured and rumpled paper only to realise that it was the first poem you had written for the only girl you had loved,maybe you will come across a paper snuggled up in your school notebook about the appreciation you had got from your teacher and how you felt then.Lots of people inspire a person to write but the biggest inspiration is the person himself.If his soul is meant to tell a tale,he will write.Write till the pen breaks down,till the paper ends and perhaps till his soul is dissolved.
The joys of writing are unparalleled and the rewards are too grand to be ignored.It encapsulates every emotion that we have been bestowed with.Laughter,ecstacy,sadness,anger,vice,agony..the list is endless!! Writers are kings,not paupers.Never take criticism to heart.Learn from them and keep writing.Release your soul and just let the words flow!!:):)

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