Yes I am the failure, I am the one who comes last in the class, I am the one who always listen to the abuses. Yes I accept that it’s my mistake but all is my mistake; there is no other reason for this thing. Don’t I want to be like the toppers like the one teachers and other peoples call them shinning stars and always praises them, I also wanted to be praised. God has blessed everyone with his greatest blessing which is mind and he has blessed it equally but the main thing is some uses it more and some less, some people don’t want others to help them but some needs. The point is why others only see or like those who are already brilliant and good in studies and other activities, why they don’t look to those who are not good in studies and they don’t even look to the mediocre. This is really materialistic world the people are very materialistic. They just ponder to the shining stars but they don’t look to the ones who want the light to glow themselves up. In this World the foremost and the first and the most important personality which are responsible for our building is our teacher who plays the most important role in the character and life building of a student. Nowadays some teachers, not all teachers but teaches just for money making or time passing, they are not true to their jobs but some teachers are true to their job but they are not in counting. We want that attention from them because one day once we also realize that we are wasting our life and before coming to that end our teachers can help us realise it before our future ruins but we can’t and they don’t do it. Yes, we accept it was our fault but one chance should be given even life gives one chance and it’s our right but we can’t protest cuz nobody will listen to us.Our teachers are like our parents they should understand. Secondly our parents who always degrades us just because once I got failed , they don’t even think that it’s our child we should hold him and should give him a bit will so that next time I get on to the top realizing Yes my parents have faith in me and I should not break their trust and now I will never let them down but I never got that faith from my parents. That they say to me “ don’t worry son next I am wth u and I will make u good student and help u and I am with u but unfortunetly not.and then no body in this world looks to me and I m siting under a ruined hood in the backyard street and all wet due to rain and think ok it’s fault but this world also didn’t embrace me not even my Parents.In the end all I can say
“ Y this World Always Deny Me..???”

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