[Scene 1]

(Changi Airport - Taxi comes in)

JAKE - (Steps out with luggage and heads for Check-in Counter)


ASSISTANT - Hi sir! name?

JAKE - Jake.

ASSISTANT - Passport and Luggage?

JAKE - (Hands them over).

(Assistant does the work)

ASSISTANT - Gate number F42.

JAKE - Thank you.

(Goes to Immigration and Clears it. He has a snack at a cafe and heads for the flight)

[Scene 2]

(Singapore Airlines)

JAKE - (Mind Narration) In life, many factors influence a change in your character. People say friends, parents, teachers, maybe even our own siblings. None of them worked for me. For me, it was love. You may not notice it, but once a third person questions a change in your character - You know that your love has influenced you. It worked for me.


[Scene 3]

(Chatsworth International School)

SAM - I know right?! it's amazing!

CLAUDIA - Don't get me started on Harry. No words for expressing how awesome he is!

(everyone talking about One Direction)

JAKE - What's all the commotion about?

CLAUDIA - Damn it. It's him.

JAKE - Well? I'll probably be interested in it.

SAM - It's about the One Direction Concert yesterday. Cool right?

JAKE - Seriously?! that's what you were talking about for the entire lunch break?! you know that's 50 minutes. 50 minutes of valuable time which you would've used to eat good food and do some other productive work. But no, you choose to chat over a shitty music band that can't even make good music!

JUSTINE - Are you insane?! how rude could you possibly be?

JAKE - Have you looked at the statistics?

ALL - (Silent).

JAKE - The only reason One Direction is in the market is because of their Gay looks. The stylishness of it, keeps them firm in the music world. Otherwise, even my baby cousin can sing better than them.

JUSTINE - Just shut up, Jake. No one asked you to join in, at the first place.

JAKE - You're lucky I asked you. Now you can think twice before choosing a shit topic to discuss. Alright? (leaves).

SAM - God f--- that guy. What's his deal?

[Scene 4]

KOYO - Bro, do this puzzle.

JAKE - Later...

MR. DRAKE - Okay class, moving on to animal nutrition....

(everyone taking notes)

JAKE - (Raises his hand up).

MR. DRAKE - Yes, Jake?

JAKE - Sir, I still don't understand why people eat meat when it's unhealthy. E-Even you say that.

MR. DRAKE - Well, meat is a great source of protein. Protein helps to build muscles, and repair tissues-

JAKE - But there's an alternative - you have beans like kidney beans and stuff. Great source of protein. Not only is it a protein, but it's a healthier choice. (Turns to the class and stands up). Guys! how many of you eat beef?

(10 people raise their hands)

JAKE - Are you aware that E-Coli can affect that meat? and when you eat that, it adversely affects your health?

MR. DRAKE - Yes, Jake but-

JAKE - How many of you eat Pig meat? pork in other words?

(15 people raise their hands)

JAKE - That's the same as saying you all like eating human meat!

ALL - What?! r-really?! why?!

JAKE - Guys! research shows that pig meat and human meat have relatively the same qualities. They compliment each other very well.

ALL - (Worried).

JAKE - So that just goes to show that we have how many? oh yes, 15 cannibals in this class.

ALL - What?! h-how dare you.

JAKE - Ehem...if you eat pig meat, you very well love the taste of human meat. Cannibals confirmed! Mr. Drake, you may carry on.

MR. DRAKE - Um.....

ALL - (Worried and mad - except for Jake).

MR. DRAKE - N-Now then, a-about animal nutrition um...

(Class takes place)

[Scene 5]


KOYO - Bro I think you took it too far.

JAKE - With what?

KOYO - You know....meat.

JAKE - What?! I just said the truth. It's for everyone's good. It's the right way to live a healthier lifestyle. They either take it or leave it. You know? doing stuff that adversely affect you health, reduces quite an amount of micro lives.

KOYO - And what's that?

JAKE - You know.....if all humans are meant to die off at the age of 100, and some five people smoke everyday - they lose several micro lives which reduce their expectancy, to about 70 or 80. Same with meat.

KOYO - (While eating chicken nuggets) I see.

JAKE - Are you going to finish that?

KOYO - Why? you want it?

JAKE - No. I'd rather eat something healthy, than eat processed chicks.

KOYO - Processed chicks?

JAKE - They all end up in a factory, they cut their beaks off, they're put into a shredder of some sort and there you have it! chicken nuggets!

KOYO - (Gulps).

JAKE - You're not listening are you?

KOYO - (Drops them in the bin next to him) I-I am.

JAKE - You uh....going to swallow that bit in your throat?

KOYO - (Coughs it out in the bin next to him).

(Entire grade watches)

JAKE - You see what I'm saying right?

KOYO - Yes, d-definitely.

JAKE - People are just spoiling their lives to meat, a-and One Direction.

CLAUDIA - It's not bad!-

JAKE - You have no taste in music! you just like hot gay guys!

CLAUDIA - (Gasps in shock) How dare you-

JAKE - Ah, haters keep on hating. One day they'll look back at life and notice how terrible they were.

KOYO - Um....

JAKE - Agreed?

KOYO - Y-Yes, yes.

CLAUDIA - You too?

KOYO - (Worried).

JAKE - One more advice - stay away from society. It's a system that spoils our species. Humans will be a whole lot better, without this system. Follow this advice and you'll do great things in life.

KOYO - U-Um....o-okay then.

JAKE - There we go! finally I have a follower.

KOYO - I was your friend for the past three years.

JAKE - And now?

KOYO - Um...

JAKE - Say it.

KOYO - Member of your clan.

JAKE - That's the spirit. In your face suckers! (to all). Good luck trying to succeed!

[Scene 6]

(Everyone texting on Whatsapp at home - except for Jake. Commentating on how Jake's attitude has taken over him etc.)

[Scene 7]

JAKE - What's up?

CLAUDIA - (Ignores).

JAKE - I'm right here! no need to walk off. That's extremely rude. Yo! Sam!

SAM - (Ignores).

JAKE - What's with you people? why the ignore? Koyo! there you are! my man!

KOYO - (Is stopped).

JAKE - What up? why are you trying to walk out?

KOYO - Y-You drew the line.

JAKE - I what now?

KOYO - Drew the line (walks off).

JAKE - Wait! hold on! shit!

[Scene 8]

(He is ignored the whole day of school)

(At home, Jake contemplates while looking at the window)

[Scene 9]

JAKE - Um....Jason?

JASON - (Ignores).

JAKE - Jason.

JASON - (Stops) hmm?

JAKE - I need help with Question 10.

JASON - Ask Ms. Eva.

JAKE - O-Okay then.


JAKE - Justine?

JUSTINE - (Ignores).

JAKE - Justine.


JAKE - Laptop charger?

JUSTINE - Ask the IT office.

JAKE - O-Okay then.

[Scene 10]

(Jake spent the rest of the year - in misery)

[Scene 11]

(Start of Grade 11)

MR. SMITH - Welcome back for a fresh academic year! Welcome to IB everyone!

ALL - (Applause).

MR. SMITH - Yes, yes. Get ready to suffer the wrath of the world. Hahaha, scared you all? just joking. Be organised and use your brains - you live.

ALL - (Back to back) Alright then? I guess....

JAKE - Hey! Koyo!

KOYO - O-Oh um...hey.

JAKE - Holidays went well?

KOYO - Oh um....Hey Jenny! (goes off).

JAKE - (Sad) I-I guess it's not over yet.

MR. SMITH - We have a new student! Megan!

ALL - (Applause).

MR. SMITH - Introduce yourself.

JAKE - (Stunned by her presence).

MEGAN - I-I'm Megan, I-I lived in Hong Kong for 7 years. I love....I love the world around me.

MR. SMITH - Yes, apparently the guys got their textbooks yesterday - so they can start immediately on the first day. So um....Jake!

JAKE - Sir?

MR. SMITH - Take Megan to the library, so she can get her textbooks.

JAKE - Okay.

[Scene 12]

MEGAN - Megan (shakes hand).

JAKE - Jake (shakes hand).

(they go to the library)

JAKE - This is the new student. Which language are you taking?

MEGAN - Mandarin.

JAKE - Mandarin IB book - same as me.

MEGAN - Oh nice.

JAKE - Math?

MEGAN - High Level.

JAKE - Oh nice, same. Math High Level book.

MEGAN - Physics and Design Technology?

JAKE - Are you for real?

MEGAN - Um....yes.

JAKE - How are you just like me?!

MEGAN - I don't know hehe.

JAKE - Physics Book. Please tell me, Business Studies?

MEGAN - Hahahaha.....

JAKE - Why?

MEGAN - It's not over is it?

JAKE - Why? you're also doing it?

MEGAN - Yes hahaha.

JAKE - Oh wow....hahaha...Business Studies book.

MEGAN - English Language & Literature books too.

LIBRARIAN - Here you go.

MEGAN - Thanks.


JAKE - Yes?


MEGAN - Hehehe.

JAKE - (Blushes).


(they leave)

JAKE - You're just like me.

MEGAN - It's great to know that there's someone like me too. People at my old school never take the courses I'm taking.

JAKE - Why?

MEGAN - Math and Physics at High level. Who does that?

JAKE - You....me.

MEGAN - I guess so.

JAKE - That's great. I have a good feeling about this.

MEGAN - So do I.

[Scene 13]

(Class time)

CLAUDIA - Hey, Megan.

MEGAN - Hey.

CLAUDIA - How are you liking it here?

MEGAN - Not bad really. Environment is doing me good.

CLAUDIA - Great to hear.

SAM - Piece of advice.

MEGAN - Yes?

JUSTINE - You see that guy sitting in front of you?

MEGAN - Who? Jake?

SAM - You know his name?

MEGAN - Yes, why?

CLAUDIA - Stay away from him. It's for your own good.

MEGAN - Excuse me?

JUSTINE - IB alone is hard. IB with him along? you'll graduate at the age of 50.

MEGAN - Slow down....why?

(they tell her everything he's done)

MEGAN - (Shocked).

SAM - He's just nice because you're a new student.

CLAUDIA - Ignored by everyone else, including us.

JUSTINE - Because you're new, he has no other option but to attack you.

MEGAN - (Shocked).

SAM - Stay safe. No pressure! (walks off with the others).

MEGAN - (Observes Jake, closely).

[Scene 14]

(Break time)

MEGAN - (Drinking Juice, and watching Jake - who's all alone contemplating)

(She comes close to Jake)

JAKE - H-Hey.

MEGAN - H-Hi (all awkward).

JAKE - You okay?

MEGAN - Y-Yes, why do you ask?

JAKE - (Sees her staring at Sam - stays a distance from Megan)

MEGAN - What happened?

JAKE - It's okay. I know, I-I'm a monster.

MEGAN - What?

JAKE - They told you didn't they?

MEGAN - Um...

JAKE - I-It's fine alright. They didn't say anything wrong. For your information, yes, I'm a pain in the ass. I can't help it. Just one day, t-the whole world turned against me. No one, no one really, j-just my parents - and I don't talk much to them either. So naive they are, how could I possibly look up to such parents?

MEGAN - (Silent).

JAKE - S-Sorry, couldn't control myself there. Sorry, I-I'll go (tries to leave but is stopped by Megan hand).

MEGAN - I-I don't think you're a pain.

JAKE - Megan, it's still your first day. The girls have said it, now I'm saying it, for your own good. I'm a pain in the ass for telling people what's good, even now I'm giving you advice, to stay away from me - because that's what society wants!! (yells it - everyone looks at him).

(Jake leaves)

MEGAN - (Silent).

[Scene 15]

(IB room - everybody is working and chatting away)

MEGAN - (Comes to Jake) You okay?

JAKE - I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have put you off, o-on your first day. I guess they're right, that's one thing society is right about.

MEGAN - You're giving me advice to stay away, because society says so?

JAKE - Well? look around. What's the point in doing IB when you're naive. Like this guy for example.

JOE - Wait what?

JAKE - He thinks....aliens are real! come on! we are the aliens!

JOE - They're real alright.

JAKE - Definition of alien! anything unfamiliar, disturbing, and distasteful. Society is familiar for being disturbing and distasteful to this planet. It's why we have a hole in the ozone layer, it's why greenhouse gases exist, it's why global warming exists, and it's most certainly why animals get slaughtered to satisfy us!!

(everyone stares)

SAM - And?

JAKE - Watch it! d-don't make me say it.

MEGAN - (Sad).

JAKE - (Sits down) I'm sorry, again. I can't control myself.

MEGAN - It's okay.

JAKE - To be honest, Megan. I-I know myself, I'm not a pain. Society, s-society is making me go out of control.

MEGAN - I see.

JAKE - We need some people to speak up for what we're doing wrong, because if we don't - what other options do we have left?

MEGAN - Nothing.

JAKE - Yes, y-you're right. Nothing. You know the Mars expedition that's going on currently?

MEGAN - Oh yes, NASA right?

JAKE - Yes, that's the one. They say that they're conducting research on the planet. My instinct says that they're testing to see if the planet is safe for us to move into, after ruining this planet.

MEGAN - I never thought of it that way. It could be why.

JAKE - You understand me, right? y-you know I'm not crazy.

MEGAN - Um....

JAKE - I know it's hard to accept, but...you know what I mean, right?

MEGAN - Definitely.

JAKE - You know what? I feel very fortunate for having you join in.

MEGAN - Hehehe, thanks.

JAKE - I really mean it. I'm not the type of person who says "we're delighted to have you over" to wrecked people.

MEGAN - I see.

JAKE - Not trying to be possessive am I?

MEGAN - No, no, not at all.

JAKE - Phew! people around me, they find me possessive. They're scared of me - and for what? giving them advice? ridiculous.

MEGAN - Can I tell you something?

JAKE - Um...s-sure.

MEGAN - You're a great guy. You really are, people like you are rare to find. I speak on behalf of experience. Though you can be a pain at times, you come around - for the good of everyone. Whatever point you try to state, it's right. You just have to stay controlled.

JAKE - Just like that?

MEGAN - I believe in a saying.

JAKE - What is that saying?

MEGAN - What if you're right, and everyone is wrong? it's a good saying. A truthful one.

JAKE - (Smiles).

MEGAN - That's unnatural.

JAKE - You've just made my day.

MEGAN - Hehehe. You too.

JAKE - How?

MEGAN - I love people who are not like the rest. You're knowledgeable, just like me! it's pointless sharing one others ideas and views to mindless people.

JAKE - So you're saying everyone's mindless?

MEGAN - I can't be that definite. Society as a whole was mindless in the beginning, resulting in severe consequences. Now we have society looking for a solution in? corruption! and other forms of mindless acts. When the answer is pretty simple, consult people who think logically, like philosophers. They can be biased too, you can't trust anyone these days. Technology has kicked in.

JAKE - Y-You're simply just....wow!

MEGAN - Hahaha.

JAKE - Can't believe, a sister from another mother.

MEGAN - Oh. T-That deep?

JAKE - S-Sorry.

MEGAN - Hahaha.

JAKE - I'm wrong?

MEGAN - (Laughing) No.

JAKE - F-Friends?

MEGAN - What?

JAKE - (Looks down).

MEGAN - (Snaps fingers in front of his face).

JAKE - Huh?

MEGAN - (Shows her hand).

(they shake hands)

MEGAN - Buddy!

JAKE - (Delighted look) B-Buddy.

MEGAN - Hahaha.

JAKE - Hahaha.

(all staring at them)

JAKE - What're you looking at? get back to wasting your time.

JOE - I'm doing work, don't judge.

JAKE - Says the guy who plays Skyrim till 3 in the morning.

MEGAN - He what? hahaha.

JOE - What up bro?

JAKE - Truth has been spoken! change your habits.

JUSTINE - Leave it, he's still being a pepper about things.

JOE - Can't believe I'm graduating with him.

[Scene 16]

(Jake and Megan hang out with each other almost all the time)

CLAUDIA - You see that?

SAM - Yes, I see that.

JUSTINE - You don't think that....

JOE - If that's what's happening. I'm spoiling things for him.

KOYO - Shut up, Joe. He's going to kill you the very next day.

JOE - But he's already possessed by Megan.

KOYO - There's still an inner "him". If you tame it, he's going to kill you.

(Joe remembers "Skyrim till 3 in the morning")

JOE - Shit.

[Scene 17]

(After school - 313 Somerset)

MEGAN - Subway?

JAKE - You always know the right place to go. Healthier choice.

MEGAN - Hehehe.

(At Subway - eating)

JAKE - You know, Megan. This semester has been really great with you.

MEGAN - Same here. I mean, it's already a school you can settle into. Moreover, I've got great friends here.

JAKE - (Pauses) Oh, y-you meant as a whole (carries on eating).

MEGAN - Why? what did you expect?

JAKE - No I was thinking, mostly....

MEGAN - Oh. Oh! come on, Jake! that's always there.

JAKE - Oh okay.

MEGAN - You think I would forget about us? that's a strong friendship we have.

JAKE - I prefer having drinks at the shop nearby.

MEGAN - (Takes a peak) Tea Cafe?

JAKE - They make the best bubble milk tea in the city. You must try one.

[Scene 18]

JAKE - One Hazelnut milk tea, 50% sugar. You?

MEGAN - Um....I-I guess I'll go for the same.

JAKE - Really? you just want to be my mirror image, don't you?

MEGAN - Hehehe. If that's what I like, then....

JAKE - Right then. Make it two.

CASHIER - Wait this side. It'll be ready in five minutes.

MEGAN - Any plans for the winter holidays?

JAKE - I've got to catch up on my extended essay. Moreover, maybe just work on getting CAS points.

MEGAN - I guess, the moment you enter IB. Your life is devoted to clearing IB.

JAKE - True that. I mean, even IGCSE was easy. It's something you can clear with your eyes closed.

MEGAN - True that.

CASHIER - Drinks.

JAKE - Thanks. Here you go.

MEGAN - (Takes a sip) Wow...i-it's good.

JAKE - You really like it? I love it because they add the pearl jelly. They have so many flavors. So next time, you can pick something else.

MEGAN - I love this, Jake. It's great. I mean, it's a good alternative for soft drinks.

JAKE - I keep telling my siblings to choose this over soft drinks. You know how they can be.

MEGAN - Tell me about it. I've got a younger sister, and she's always into Minecraft.

JAKE - Guys and girls play Minecraft like crazy these days. Can you believe this?

MEGAN - Honestly, there may be a 20 to 30 year gap between me and my parents. I don't see much of a difference in our habits, except the fact that we have more exposure to technology at a young age - but me and sibling, and she's just four years younger. We have a lot of differences in habits.

JAKE - Same here. I somehow keep referring to his days as a different generation from mine. I personally don't feel like making a disgrace out of our generation, when having people like him, and maybe your sister a part of it too.

MEGAN - Agreed. It just puts us off. I mean, we are so focused in what we do. Technology has made these guys completely lethargic. That's like the new common term of the century, if I'm not wrong.

JAKE - Agreed. With people like them around, that'll be the most searched word in the online dictionary site.

(they both have a laugh)

MEGAN - (On the phone) Hello? mom? I'm in 313. Yes, I-I'm with a friend. Yes, it's Jake. Okay, I'll be back soon. Bye. (drops the call). Sorry Jake.

JAKE - It's okay. I understand. We've got to get back, eventually.

MEGAN - Hahaha, yes. Well, tomorrow's the last day of school before the holidays. See you tomorrow! bye! (leaves).

JAKE - Bye (waves bye).

[Scene 19]

(Present - Singapore Airlines)

JAKE - (Mind Narration) What was this magic? my life turned around completely because of this girl. I-I actually enjoyed this. The feeling gave me good sleeps in the night, it made me feel thankful when I woke up in mornings. I enjoyed every single meal of the day. What did that magic do exactly? it gave me a reason to be satisfied with life, and the type of people I'm surrounded with everyday. Sure I've been around naive people most of my life. The fact that there's at least one person who's not like the rest, gives you satisfaction. It's what they say - we can speak of 1000 ideas, but when only 5 or 6 of them are put into practice or action, you are still getting satisfaction - because something is better than nothing.

AIR HOSTESS - Sir, drinks?

JAKE - You have cold coffee?

AIR HOSTESS - Yes. $2.50.

JAKE - (Cashes in the money and gets the coffee).

(Jake drinks his cold coffee and reflects)

JAKE - (Mind Narration) This cold coffee brings me memories of what happened after the holidays. We just came back from the holidays, everyone came back fresh....

[Scene 20]

(In the Canteen - Megan and Jake drinking Cold Coffee)

MEGAN - And the penguins were so adorable. It must've been 8:30 in the night or something. That's when the penguins marched like soldiers - from the water and across the beach of Philip Island. It was adorable. I took amazing photographs. You think it'll count for CAS points?

JAKE - You're taking Visual Arts right? then of course. You'lll get some points.

MEGAN - (Finishes her cold coffee) Aw...I finished the drink already. It's scorching outside. I don't have enough money for another drink.

JAKE - That means you can't even eat lunch today.

MEGAN - I'm not planning on eating lunch.....I-I uh...have food poisoning.

JAKE - What? are you serious? you're saying this right now? you want to go to the nurse?

MEGAN - I don't know. Should I? I've been taking indigestion tablets though.

JAKE - See the nurse. She'll give you the right medication.

(Jake takes her to the nurse)

JOE - What the hell is he doing?

KOYO - I believe he's taking her to the nurse.

JOE - Why is he holding her like a pregnant lady? did they uh...

KOYO - Can you shut up. You douche bag. What did you eat over the holidays?

JOE - Plum cake and chocolates.

KOYO - Why aren't stuck with diabetes yet?!

JOE - Am I supposed to?!

KOYO - If you speak complete shit. You deserve diabetes bro.

JOE - Well that's rude. I was just being honest like Jake. You don't like it?

KOYO - At least he changed. Why are you turning into his wife?

(Koyo leaves)

JOE - H-His wife? w-what the heck?

[Scene 21]

NURSE - Hmm.....you brought her at the right time.

JAKE - I knew it.

MEGAN - What?

JAKE - No, n-nothing.

NURSE - It's the bad food which you had outside. You need be careful with what you eat outside. I'm giving you some medicine to stop acidity.

MEGAN - Thank you.

NURSE - Stay off outside food for about two weeks or so. You can eat your home food, home-packed food and all - make sure it isn't very spicy too.

MEGAN - Right then. Thank you nurse.

NURSE - My pleasure.

(Jake and Megan leave)

JAKE - You see? I told you, you did need help.

MEGAN - You're right. Thanks Jake.

JAKE - Don't say thanks. Just....don't. Friends don't say thanks.

MEGAN - (Smiles).

(they go off)

JOE - (Watching them in shock).

KOYO - The hell are doing?

JOE - Did you just see that? they like....exchanged smiles and all/

KOYO - Yes, so?

JOE - So? So?! you damn serious? can't you see what's happening here?! (smiling) Megan and Jake....sitting in the tree-

KOYO - Joe....buddy. You better watch your back.

JOE - (Smiling) Why?

KOYO - You'll find yourself sitting on hot curry one day (leaves).

JOE - Eh? the was that supposed to mean?

[Scene 22]

CLAUDIA - You serious? it's real?

JUSTINE - That's weird....after all we told her?

JOE - I know right? it's happening. (Sees Jake and Megan) They're coming now, act normal.

(they all act normal)

JAKE - (Notices how they are staring at him) M-Megan?

MEGAN - Yes?

JAKE - E-Excuse me for just one moment. I need to have a word with someone.

MEGAN - Okay.

JOE - Did he notice us?

JAKE - Of course I did, you dip.

JOE - What? (sees Jake) Oh lord!

JAKE - Since when did I become a god?

JOE - What're you on about?

JAKE - Spill it, what's going on?

JOE - You and Megan?

JAKE - Yes, it's me and Megan, what about it?

JOE - Oh! (smiling) so it's you and Megan, I see...

JAKE - (Realization) You piece of shit. I'm warning you, you have a terrible sense of judgment. Mind it, I will mess you up, if this goes out.

CLAUDIA - Already know about it.

SAM - Oh oh!!

JAKE - Damn it. Why is it that when I tell you something....that you don't listen?

JOE - You're telling me this now?

JAKE - Your bad judgment just cause false rumors to spread. Let this be it, first and last: you discuss this shit with me, then tell everyone with my permission. You understand?

JOE - Sure thing. Too late.

JAKE - You see why I mean? do you realize how big a problem you are right now? you are like a perfect depiction of society at its worst performance.

JOE - (Disturbed).

JAKE - (Sees his doughnut, picks it up, licks it entirely and puts it on his plate) Good luck finishing that (leaves).

JOE - (Pissed).

(Jake crashes into Koyo)

JAKE - Bro, w-watch it.

KOYO - S-Sorry man, I-I haven't paid attention to you lately.

JAKE - Oh, s-so now's the time? you want to go through this now?

KOYO - Listen, it's not like that, man. See, you've changed, I-I can see that.

JAKE - Oh great, even you know about it.

KOYO - About what?

JAKE - The crap which Joe just spilled.

KOYO - Dude, he's always full of crap. What's new about that?

JAKE - Wait, so you don't know about this whole "me and Megan" rumor?

KOYO - No, because I don't believe in it. Even if you change, you're not that type of guy.

JAKE - Where were you all these days (hugs Koyo).

KOYO - I-I was right here, man.

JAKE - You're damn right, you were. Still tight together?

KOYO - Of course. By the way, I'm telling the guys that it's false.

JAKE - Yes, you go do that, my man. We need people like you in this world!

MEGAN - What was all that about?

JAKE - Oh, h-how long were you behind my back?

MEGAN - I just came back from the washroom.

JAKE - Thank goodness. It's nothing, just random talk.

[Scene 23]

MR. SMITH - So yes everyone! Prom is just around the corner. Grab your dates, and it's going to be a great night. Alongside the partying, we are also having the Service Team conduct a fundraiser for Blue Dragon, there'll be food and drinks, music, performances. It's going to be great - it's in a weeks time. Don't miss it.

(everyone is talking about prom)

KOYO - Yuck! like I really want to dance with these people.

JAKE - Why?

KOYO - Society, you know what I'm saying?

JAKE - You know what? cut the crap. No need to go all sociopath with this. Don't be like me.

KOYO - But come on, i-isn't this what you wanted? w-we finally have the time.

JAKE - We always had the time. I-I don't know why, something has made me realize that....t-this world isn't too bad. There's still some hope. I have you and.....(thinks about Megan).

KOYO - And?

JAKE - And um....m-myself. There's a "we".

KOYO - Nice.

JAKE - But um....I guess the point of all this is that: w-we should make use of all the good times that come around. Those times in the past are bad memories. Something like prom - we can have the time of our lives.

KOYO - In that case um....I-I want to go with, with Stacey.

JAKE - Stacey? really?

KOYO - I-I've have a sincere crush on her.

JAKE - Well go for it then. Why did you say no?

KOYO - Should I? I feel nervous.

JAKE - It'll go great. Go for it - it's now, or never.

KOYO - (Stands up) Here's to a good life!

JAKE - All the best!

(Koyo leaves and goes for Stacey - Jake is all alone and realizes that people still hate him, except for Koyo)

[Scene 24]

(On the bus, going home)

MEGAN - Can't believe prom is already here. I mean, I-It's my first year, can't believe the day has come too soon. Time flies you see...

(Jake is upset, looking out the window)

MEGAN - You okay, Jake?

JAKE - Y-Yes, I-I'm fine.

MEGAN - Sure?

JAKE - 100%

MEGAN - So yes, like I was saying. Prom is coming, kind of nervous - just the thought of it coming though....Jake, y-you know who you're taking?

JAKE - M-Me? u-um.....nobody.

MEGAN - Why not? Jake? Jake, what happened?

JAKE - I-It's just that.....everyone I know in my grade - they still hate me for who I am. I guess I haven't changed entirely, have I?

MEGAN - But come on. There's got to be someone, at least one person who you can take, right?

JAKE - Well....there is this one person, I would like to take to the prom.

MEGAN - Well? what's stopping you?

JAKE - It's just that, I kind of have a....crush on her. I-I'm nervous, I don't know if she'll accept that.

MEGAN - Does she hate you like the others?

JAKE - No, I mean - not yet.

MEGAN - Go for it. Don't be silly, Jake. Go for it.

JAKE - Sure. You know about your date?

MEGAN - Me? no, not a chance.

JAKE - So, you're not coming for prom?

MEGAN - You know what? I'll come - for the sake of having a good time.

[Scene 25]

(At home, Jake is thinking hard)

JAKE - (Mind narration) Having a good time, those were her words. I'm glad to say that she's given me a change of perspective - once I was only looking at the bad, and working towards correcting that. She's helped me realize that I could have a balance of both.

(Jake stares at a picture of Megan and smiles)

[Scene 26]

(At Prom)

KOYO - Hey man! you made it!

JAKE - I know, great right? how's Stacey?

KOYO - Oh, it's great. Stace?


JAKE - Hi.

STACEY - You uh...have a date, Jake?

JAKE - N-No.

STACEY - Thought so.

KOYO - What're you doing?

STACEY - That's what they said.

(points at Claudia, Sam, and Justine)

KOYO - Oh god. How do you stand them?

STACEY - I sit down.

KOYO - Hahaha.

STACEY - Hahaha.

JAKE - I-It's great to see how....y-you're getting along.


KOYO - Thanks, Jake.

JAKE - S-Sure (walks off).

(Claudia, Joe, and Sam walk over to him)

CLAUDIA - Hey, Jake.

SAM - How's it going?

(Jake is silent)

JOE - So uh....where's your date? is she invisible?

(Jake is silent)

CLAUDIA - Thought so.

SAM - It's karma. Heard of it?

CLAUDIA - Of course he has, why else is he giving us advice. He just doesn't realize that he's getting the treatment.

JOE - Enjoy your um....lonely time.

ALL - (Laugh and walk off).

(Jake goes to sit on a bench)

JAKE - (On the phone) Hello? Megan? yes, you're here in a few moments? o-okay. S-See you then (drops the call).

KOYO - Jake? w-what happened bro?

JAKE - (Tears).

KOYO - Bro, bro! come on, man. W-Why are you crying. I'm here for you, man. Tell me.

JAKE - (Tears) Why am I such a jerk.

KOYO - Jerk? you. You're not a jerk, dude you're amazing. How could you possibly be a jerk? without you, I wouldn't be having my dream dance with Stacey.

JAKE - I mean in the past.....t-the guys hate me.

KOYO - Did Joe and the others say something to you?

JAKE - No, no.

KOYO - Shut up, I'm dealing with that guy right now (walks off).

[Scene 27]

(Koyo pushes Joe)

JOE - Woah! what up man?

KOYO - Shut up asshole! what's with you? can't you leave other alone?

CLAUDIA - Oh look, it's Voldemort's apprentice.

SAM - Short-tempered, it seems.

KOYO - Shut it. Shut it alright!! Jake, Jake's not who you think he is now. He's changed. Why are you still taunting him with the past?

CLAUDIA - That guy? changing? that's like Voldemort saying "Happy Birthday" to Harry Potter. Like never.

KOYO - You guys just hate Jake for what he's said to you guys in the past. Look, I apologize on his behalf - you happy now?

SAM - We don't want you to say sorry, we want him.

KOYO - Him...(takes a look at Jake) I-I can't.

JOE - I'll take care of this, guys. Look, I know what you're saying is true, I believe you.

KOYO - So you guys are cool?

JOE - Listen, I know what's going on between Megan and Jake. Let him open his relationship status with Megan, to everyone.

KOYO - You're not serious about this, are you?

JOE - I'm damn serious. That fool better publicize his relationship - or else, you can forget about getting apologies and all.

CLAUDIA - Nice one.

JOE - I know right?

SAM - I'd like to see him try.

KOYO - Oh yeah? well, well I'd like to.....to see you cry!

(Koyo walks off)

JOE - That made no sense.

[Scene 28]

KOYO - No use.

JAKE - I told you not to do it.

KOYO - They uh....they want-

JAKE - They want what?

KOYO - They want.....ah! forget it. I-I'll tell you later.

(Megan enters the hall - everyone is stunned by her look)

KOYO - Woah....(goes towards Megan).

MEGAN - Hey!

KOYO - Hey! man, you're gorgeous.

MEGAN - Hahaha thanks. You know where Jake is?

KOYO - He's sitting on the bench, right there.

STACEY - What're you doing? are you cheating on me?

KOYO - No no no, it's nothing like-

STACEY - Come here (drags him).

KOYO - Good luck!

MEGAN - Thanks, I guess?

(approaches Jake, slowly)

JAKE - (Gets up slowly) M-Megan.....y-you're uh....

MEGAN - I-I'm?

(Claudia, Joe, and Sam are watching)

JAKE - G-Gorgeous, uh oh!

MEGAN - Hahaha, why? what happened?

JAKE - N-Nothing, just....(staring into each others eyes) w-what now?

(music starts playing)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Alright everyone! let's start the dance!

MEGAN - Jake?

JAKE - Y-Yes.

MEGAN - (Hands out) Shall we?

JAKE - (Looks at her hand and looks around) O-Okay.

(Music Cue - Aap Ki Kathir)

[Scene 29]

JAKE - That was a very memorable dance. God knows who took control of me that day, I didn't want to go up there and embarrass myself in front of my peers, neither....neither did I want to miss the dance of my life. I really should've thought about it before I went with her....


[Scene 30]

(At School - everyone is gossiping)

JOE - Can't believe it actually happened.

SAM - Thought he was going to admit it.

CLAUDIA - Can't be any clearer than that, everyone saw what was going on.

SAM - I guess it's official, he just killed the fun of it.

JOE - What a loophole.

(everyone is seen gossiping about Jake - Jake notices)

JAKE - (Whispers) T-The hell? Koyo!

KOYO - Y-Yes?

JAKE - What's going on here? w-why is everyone like....giving me the look?

KOYO - Oh that? don't mind that.

JAKE - T-They even mentioned my name in, in a conversation.

JOE - (Claps his hands) Good Show! jolly good show my man!

SAM - I didn't know that darkness could boogie.

JAKE - (Stunned).

JUSTINE - Who knew, am I right? Jake the loner, dark lord, and Pest Emperor - could actually feel love. Oh!

(attracting attention to everyone - Jake notices everyone encircling him)

JOE - You know one thing? Harry Potter, that's a good film series. I've never seen Voldemort fall in love in any of those. Hahaha!

ALL - Hahaha!

KOYO - Can you people just piss off?! like really, how immature could you people possibly get? there's a limit to everything. Don't you understand change? he's changed you know that?! just leave him and his personal life alone! now look! we have the crowd, all giving Jake the look, just because of you brats. Go mind your own business.

JAKE - Koyo please just-

KOYO - Shush.....and if you have the guts?! and if you think you're as folly as he is.....go get a partner yourself!! how about that?! nice one Jake, w-we're all proud of you. You gave it all you had that night, keep moving forward as always.

(everyone claps for Jake)

ALL - Yes Jake!!

JAKE - K-Koyo....(hugs him) T-Thanks, for having my back.

KOYO - Don't mention it. You're not mad that I exposed your relationship right?

JAKE - No.....(realizes) Megan, Megan! w-was she here?

CHARLOTTE - She's in the bathroom.

JAKE - (Relief) Phew! you're safe bro. Thanks!

KOYO - G-Go for it!

[Scene 31]

(Corridors - Megan finds Jake)

JAKE - M-Megan.

MEGAN - Jake! I-I was just going to look for you.

JAKE - M-Me too. I uh...want to tell you something, really urgent.

MEGAN - G-Go ahead.

JAKE - I-I....don't know how.

MEGAN - Tell me, it'll be fine.

(Jake tells her the event)

MEGAN - (Stunned).

JAKE - S-So yes, and....he told everyone, he told everyone that me....and you.....together.

MEGAN - I-I can't believe it.....h-how rude they were though. I can't believe I'm witnessing such immaturity at this age. There should be a limit for things, like Koyo said.

JAKE - I-I stumped now.....e-everyone knows it - t-that we are together. H-How?

(Pause - as they both are thinking)

MEGAN - Jake? Jake.

JAKE - Y-Yes.

MEGAN - You know um....i-it's a rumor? or...

JAKE - I-I believe it's a rumor.

MEGAN - You know um.....w-we're good together. So....why not, make this rumor: reality?

JAKE - (Stunned) R-Reality?

MEGAN - (Nods) I love you, Jake.

JAKE - (Smiles a bit and shuts his mouth in shock).

MEGAN - Hahaha! Jake!

JAKE - (Drops down) I-I can't believe this.

MEGAN - (Kisses him) Now you believe it?

JAKE - (Mind Narration) Life's most beautiful moment: Some two people in search of each other for a long time, all leading to this. Life is satisfactory now.


[Scene 32]

(Jake and Megan have fun times with each other over the year - till graduation)

PRINCIPAL - Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents. I welcome you all, to this years graduation ceremony - for the class of 2018. It has been a great year, a very intense year for the students. Deadlines on top of studies on top of CAS and EE, you name the IB vocabulary. It's been a whole new Game of Thrones here.

ALL - (Laughter).

PRINCIPAL - True Story. Each individual, with his or her talents and acquired skills - now pass on to show the world, and make a change. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you - the class of 2018.

(Applause - one by one, people get up saying their graduation speeches)


MEGAN - Teachers, Parents, Students. I stand before you all, as a graduate. I still remember the day I walked into school for the first time. I cried on that day, and I'll do the same today. So many memories, and so many new skills and amazing people. I have much to be thankful for - my parents, my teachers, Ms. Everette: I did what you told! my peers here - including, Jake.

(Jake is stunned)

MEGAN - A continuous support and inspiration anyone could ever ask for. If I have trouble with parents, it's always Jake. Thank you!



JAKE - Parents, Teachers, Students. I-I have much to be thankful for today. Here, I spend my last moments to say how this school has not only given me the skills and extra knowledge, b-but also a platform - a platform for meeting amazing people, such as - Megan. She said I was her inspiration, no one really knows that, that she is the true hero in my last years: for putting my attitude and act together. M-My parents, never really knew what the change was in me. N-Now they know. My teachers mostly too - I'm grateful for being educated by such amazing teachers. Thank you.

(applause - after everyone's done and over with)

[Scene 33]

(Megan, Jake, and both the parents talking)

M. MUM - I have to say, it was a wonderful event.

J. MUM - Very true, they both are a cute couple.

M. DAD - Not to mention, bright ones too!

ALL - Hahaha!

JAKE - I-I'm going to miss her, dad.

MEGAN - (Tears) I-I'm going my way, a-and.....s-so are you.

J. DAD - L-Let's give them some space, shall we? we'll be at the canteen.

(the parents of both, leave)

MEGAN - Y-You're such a great guy.

JAKE - What about you? it's not everyday, a person meddles with our attitudes to correct them.

MEGAN - Never thought it....it would all come to this.

JAKE - Y-You still have my number right? w-we'll talk....every now and then.

MEGAN - College breaks....I-I can fly over to see you.

JAKE - M-Make plans....after college graduation too.

MEGAN - Yes.

(Pause - then they hug and kiss, tears from both)

[Scene 34]

(Taxi Stand)

M. DAD - It's been a wonderful meeting today. Good luck young man! (shakes hand).

JAKE - Thank you, sir.

M. DAD - I will see you up there! (points to the top of an office building) one day.

JAKE - Hehe.

M. MUM - Come on, Megan!

(Megan slowly gets into the cab)

MEGAN - (Looks back at Jake).

(they drive off)

JAKE - (Sad after seeing her go).

J. MUM - Don't worry, you have her number right? keep in touch.

JAKE - I-I miss her....already.

[Scene 35]

(At Jake's and Megan's Home)

JAKE/MEGAN - (Staring out the window and balcony - thinking about each other).

J. MUM - Jake!! your flight tickets are ready! you're going in two days.

JAKE - (Tries to call Megan - but she's busy).

[Scene 36]

(Taxi Stand)

JAKE - (Makes a call to Megan - but still busy).

J. MUM - She didn't pick up?

JAKE - N-No.

J. DAD - It's alright. I-I think....s-she went already.

JAKE - Went?

J. DAD - You know um....flying, different SIM Card or something.

JAKE - C-Could be.

J. MUM - You have her other contacts?

JAKE - Facebook, I-I'll get her through Facebook.

[Scene 37]


JAKE - (Uses Airport computers to send Megan a message through facebook, and leaves).

[Scene 38]

JAKE - (Mind Narration) So there's my story - and here I am, a satisfied man who succeeded through help of love. Like one always says, "if you love something, then set it free". Not the right translation for this one though - but....god eventually had to part our ways. She did her duties to correct me, and....there we have it.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Hello Passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are well and crossing the middle east - just hovering above parts of Saudi Arabia. Weather this night seems to be quite stable, with mild turbulence. Should be fine for the journey.

(Jake gets up to go to the bathroom - he waits outside. Megan exits the bathroom)

MEGAN - (Stunned) J-Jake?

JAKE - (Stunned) M-Megan!

MEGAN - (Shuts mouth in shock) Oh my god! i-it's so true.

JAKE - W-Where's your seat?

MEGAN - Row 21.

JAKE - Move over to mine, no one's there.

[Scene 39]

(Jake and Megan sitting together on board)

MEGAN - University of London.

JAKE - Imperial College of London.

(they look at each other)

JAKE - Well.....close enough.

(they both laugh)

JAKE - (Mind Narration) I guess it was destiny after all.....I guess god still has something in store for us both. That's what love is all about - it's not just for the pleasures, but also for helping us get up when we fall down. Forever I am in debt to that man up there, who brought us back together. Life is beautiful, life is great.

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