I turned 21 on 15 july 2014. 2014 the craziest year of my life. An year which made me realise that you are 21, a grown up, life is not a lollipop. I still remember the new year. My phone rang in the middle of the night, it was him, he called me to wish me a great year ahead, and to inform me that it snow was falling in Manali. He didn't say anything more. But I could feel the excitement in his voice while he was talking to me. I wished him prosperity and success in very calm voice. I was sleepy, already in love and was dreaming my life with him. He was the only one I wanted in life. My prince, my sunshine, I guess my soulmate.

He came back from vacation the next day. I felt closer to him. I knew that he was almost mine here. And my assumptions were proving out to be correct. He was with me 24-7. It was the same for him as well, he wanted to be with me, talk to me, share with me his feelings, we were two strangers who had a strong connection. Two beautiful people who were attracted to each other.

Romance was blooming, and my career was fading. My cat result was out in January. I was worse than I had expected. I was not placed, my scores were pathetic, first time I was facing attendance issues in college. In short my academic and personal life was screwed. I didn't lose hope, my parents supported me, and sat for more interviews. After trying very hard I lost all hope. I stopped applying for further jobs. But gave my self one last chance, I went for an interview without any preparation, and with god's grace and my parents blessings, I bagged my first job.

It was March, spring. Life was not as beautiful as the weather. College was about to end. We had starting preparing for our farewell. Like All other girls, I wanted to look pretty in a sexy saree on my farewell.

In the midst of so much juggle, he called me, excited like a child, he wanted to meet me. He had got a new job offer, and wanted me to be part of the celebration. I met him the next day, spent hours in each other's company, without any barriers, ego or insecurity. It was just him in the crowd. We were more than friends without even realising. The same evening he proposed me. It was a surprise, unexpected, I thought he was joking with me, but he wasn't. He wanted to be more than friends. Love was in the air, and I said Okay, giving way to a short lived love affair. It was bookish love story, where two opposite people fall in love, go on perfect dates, hold hands, kiss, take vows, and get separated because of unreasonable reasons, which the reader never understands. There is a lot of drama, lies, lust and tragedy. We ended up in July, just before my birthday. He didn't wish me on my 21st birthday, which we had planned to celebrate together. I was shattered and miserable, I couldn't accept that he left me like this after all the promises he made. I cried for a month, became bitter in the other, stopped feeling sad in the next, stopped missing him in the end.

In the midst of the dramatic love story, I had finally graduated and started my first job in May, a new step in my career ladder. I started discovering that professional life was not what I thought. Although, I was earning, I could go out and spend without thinking, shop till I dropped, drink like a tanker, but I was tired, tired because of the long distance I had to travel, the pressure was too much, the professional world was competitive, and survive the years ahead was going to be difficulty.

A breakup had already broken me, the job was taking a toll over my life. I wanted a break. I packed my bag in the night, and took early morning train to Nainital, the place I wanted to go from months. I spent my birthday amongst the hills, floated in the air while paragliding, canoed in the lake, and roamed on the mall road. I realized that I need to love myself, should stop blaming myself for whatever happened, it happened because it was meant to be. With a smile on my face I came. It took me 4-5 months to completely get over him, to bring the old fun loving side back into me. I started laughing effortlessly, read books, watched movies, ate ice creams, spent time with people, and came back to normal by the end of the year.

Today, on 28 Dec, 2014, 1 am, I am myself, content and happy. I love myself, hope for the best, have a long bucket list and dream of achieving a lot more. When I look back into my year, as i described above, I saw everything, failure and success, miseries and happiness, love and heartbreak. From graduation to first job, from first kiss to first break up, from a low confidence wreck to a lively girl, I went through all the phases.


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