Till date, I presumed that I don't have attitude. But, suddenly, I realised that I actually have it. Instead of getting upset, I started feeling good about it. I would say, we all should have attitude.

Attitude- This term is mostly negative. Whenever you hear someone saying that 'He's got attitude' the first thing that comes in your mind is 'I should stay away from him.' Well, it's not that. Attitude is not at all negative. It's not that I am advocating it, I am just saying that it's good to have attitude.

Attitude stops you from inviting everyone in your life. You're possessive about your life and makes sure that the decision you take is not influenced. You're not closed minded rather you listen to everyone but do what you think or you want to do. You may communicate with everyone around you but definitely filter your information while sharing them with them. After all, not everyone should know about your personal life.

If you think that this is wrong, then do think. I am not bothered. :) My suggestion to people out there, "Live your life freely. Don't bound yourself in society, and things that don't bother you at all. People around you are living their lives, not yours. Take charge of your life and live it the way you want to live. You will be successful once you break free."

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